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    Keep Azure under control

    Succeed in the Cloud with a Full Governance Framework

    Cloud governance framework highlights design decisions and details, processes and procedures that help to ensure a consistent approach to using Azure as a ‘cloud-first’ IT environment. We can develop a cloud governance framework for your organization, along with foundational components of a Cloud Shared Services subscription.

    The goal of creating a governance model for Azure is to ensure that your deployed resources and services are adequately monitored, managed and secured for compliance with your organization’s security and risk management requirements, and applicable external regulations.

    We want to support you on #yourcloudjourney, so we prepared this free video guide to using Management Groups for organizing your Azure resources. Enjoyed it? Click the “Get started” button below to get all 5 parts of our tutorial, and more useful resources!

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    The main benefits of Azure governance

    Enhanced cloud security and reliability

    Ensures business continuity in case of service failures. Protects your infrastructure and resources from external threats

    Cost-effective use of the cloud

    Boosts your business performance while controlling the costs of cloud adoption for maximum cost-effectiveness

    Cloud compliance

    Sets clear policies to ensure that your existing and future cloud resources are compliant with internal or external requirements

    The key elements of a cloud governance framework

    Cost management

    Optimizes your subscription costs to ensure effective usage of your cloud infrastructure. Develops cost control policies for your current and future cloud operations. Ensures that your resource use is reasonable, scalable and accountable.

    Security baseline

    Establishes security requirements for your cloud resources to keep your data and infrastructure secure and compliant with the applicable cyber-security regulations. 

    Identity baseline

    Develops identity and access management policies to reduce the risks of breaches by setting up role definitionsassignments and permissions. The result is transparent and verifiable access governance system.

    Resource consistency

    Creates policies to ensure consistency in dispersed cloud resources, including onboarding, discoverability and recovery. A cloud governance framework provides a consistent and agile deployment and management model.


    Accelerates the deployment and configuration of new and updated services in your cloud environment. Introduces a DevOps culture and CI/CD practices as an agile way of developing software of the highest quality, with full alignment to internal policies.

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    Timeline for developing a cloud governance model

    cloud governance framework timeline

    • 2 DAYS
    • 4 DAYS
    • 10 DAYS
    • 5 DAYS
    • 3 DAYS
    • 2 DAYS


    • 4 DAYS


    • 10 DAYS


    • 5 DAYS


    • 3 DAYS


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