Customer Churn and Scoring Analysis with Azure Don’t let your most valuable customers leave

Customer churn is a crucial metric for a growing number of organizations.

Traditional consumer behavior patterns are disappearing, along with customer loyalty. In order to get ahead of churn, organizations need to analyze the probability of churn, as well as, customer worth. Combined, these metrics offer a power tool in designing targeted and cost-effective churn prevention campaigns.

Our solution uses predictive analytics and machine learning models to extract patterns and insights from many sources of customer data. The result is a set of calculated churn probability metrics for any given customer segment. These insights can be used to define new customer retention strategies aimed to protect the most valuable and profitable customers. Now, an organization can truly invest the maximum effort while minimizing the cost of retaining key customers.

The result of churn and scoring analysis is data visualization, an insightful source of information for marketing, sales, and customer service.

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