The Predica Way P. stands for Purpose.

This is the story of Predica and of the 4 Founding Fathers that “bumped” into each other at just the right point in their lives and careers when their individual missions collided.

Grzegorz, Paweł, Andrzej and Tomasz came together with a mission to create a world where people come first and can focus on more meaningful work, freeing themselves from the tedious, everyday tasks. The outcome sprang directly from their own experience of working in large organizations where conventional bureaucracy and internal politics hindered growth…

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By capturing the collective wisdom and coupling it with their deep insights into Microsoft tools the Founders were able to return to their original mission where people can focus on more meaningful work in their lives. Who knows your business best, if not yourself? Getting rid of any obstacles should help you reach your peak productivity!

Our Mission Is to Accelerate the
Transition to Self-Managed Organizations where People Can
Focus on More Meaningful Work.


Much has been achieved and it is an ongoing process. The Founders are committed to making this mission a reality and it is expressed clearly in three key components of their vision for Predica:

  • Inspire a culture that seeks to liberate (rather than control)
  • Leverage technology to unlock people’s collective wisdom
  • Share the insight so others can contribute

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Our primary goal is to give people the freedom to do meaningful work. Putting this idea into practice is a great responsibility, which is why we base it on strong core values. The p in our name, and in our logo, stands for more than Predica – it stands for:

  • purpose: guided by our mission, we do high-quality work and help organizations on their way to self-management
  • people: our people-first culture and shared growth mindset make us a strong team that always delivers
  • partnership: we go beyond technical assistance, sharing our knowledge and experience, so you can reach your goals.

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