Managed Services Focus on what matters

Finding the right partner to whom you can outsource critical IT infrastructure and applications is challenging. It extends to more than just a paper agreement: aspects such as company mission, values and work environment are crucial.

This is why we take the time to see if there is a fit between our firm and yours. We take a holistic approach and look at culture, people, processes and technology. If people are important to your organization, you aim to treat them fairly and you rely on Microsoft technology, we might be the right partner for you.  

Our expertise in numbers


our customer's Azure budget supported and optimized by us


Microsoft 365 licenses supported and optimized by us


issues resolved and change requests or service improvements delivered per month

Under 30 min 24x7

capability to guarantee response


Azure Assets under management


of support personnel holding ITIL v3/v4 certification

In the last decade we completed over 1,000 different projects in 23 countries. Based on that experience we developed a range of managed service packages that allow you to get the benefit of our skills, team and intellectual property at an attractive price.

Why Predica

Better use of staff

Focusing trusted in-house staff on strategic planning and critical mission support, minimizes management effort

Cost savings

Purchasing required service levels allows the reduction of total cost of ownership

Use of optimal technologies

Agile adjustment of type and mix of skilled labor and cutting-edge technology to support changing business needs

Focus on business outcomes

Simplification of IT processes and procedures backed by SLAs in order to contribute to the business goals

Enhanced availability and security

Proactive alerting and problem management to take the issues off your shoulders

Single point of accountability

Change, incident and problem management end-to-end

Focus on what matters, we will handle the rest

Service Lifecycle

  • Current state
  • Contract granted
  • PHASE 0 Team ramp-up and transition
  • PHASE 1 Service execution & alignment
  • PHASE 2 Future state model in place
  • Current state

    No support or support done by customer

  • Contract granted

    Detailed Statement of work agreed

  • PHASE 0 Team ramp-up and transition

    Onboarding new team members, knowledge transfer from existing teams, established governance and operational procedures

  • PHASE 1 Service execution & alignment

    Service is executed in with Statement of Work, service performance is evaluated and alignments are implemented

  • PHASE 2 Future state model in place

    Full SLA/KPI responsibility, constant improvement process in place and executed, required ITIL processes are aligned, implemented and maintained

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