Tomasz Wielgoszewski

Senior Service Delivery Manager

It all began when I was 9 years old, and for the first time saw a computer at my father’s work. It was a real beast: 12MHz 80286, 1MB RAM, and a 40MB hard drive with a shiny, amber-colored screen made a permanent impression on my mind. Since then anything to do with computers became my obsession.

It wasn’t much of a surprise then that I ended up working with IT. I’ve spent almost 15 years in this industry, mainly designing and supporting infrastructures based on Active Directory and related services for enterprises.

At Predica, I lead a team working in identity and access management. In this role, I really appreciate being able to combine technical tasks with challenges related to organizing teamwork and widely understood project management.

In my spare time I like to read, run, and ride a bike. To my surprise, I also discovered household chores and gardening can be just as addicting as IT and a great escape from everyday routine!

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