Tomasz Onyszko


I’ve spent over a decade in the industry widely known as IT. For quite a while now I’ve been focused on the areas of identity, access and privacy, their use and implementation, and I’m still not bored of it. Occasionally I’m a speaker, e.g. at TechED, The Expert Conference (previously Directory Expert Conference—those were the days!), Microsoft Technology Summit (MTS). In the distant past, I co-authored several books, was as deputy editor-in-chief and wrote some articles. Nobody counted, but I’m responsible for probably thousands of posts on forums, Usenet and similar. Since 2005, with breaks, I’ve been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), although the meaning of it has evolved somewhat. Professionally: CTO, solution architect, one of the partners at Predica (go team!). Privately: father, not-husband, runner (now it’s only recreational. The marathon—been there, done that, was pretty bored, but who knows, maybe I’ll go for it again someday…), fan of speculative fiction (preferably cyberpunk, but I won’t say no to good fantasy) and cinema. One day I’d like to have a small brewery, but we’ll see.

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