Tomasz Gosciminski

Digital Identity Practice Lead

I got my first PC at 8 years old. Becoming curious about IT sparked with my first experience of a sudden Blue Screen and having to repeat final battle in Wolfenstein 3D once again.

This incident has been followed by wonder and questions in my mind: “what is it, why does it happen and how to avoid that”?

First answers came a few years later with the discovery of Winternals tools, Mark Russinovich, Bryce Cogswell, and Windows Internals book series.

A passion for learning and a bit of luck helped me to step into the IT industry 17 years ago – since then, I never looked back.

So far, I had a chance to deliver on requirements in a variety of roles, projects, and technologies for Customers worldwide.

I’m currently driven by building high performance teams that helps Predica’s Customers succeed.

When not busy with project tasks, I am most likely having fun with photography, CGI, trying catch-up with my favorite podcasts (Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, Lex Fridman), in the gym, or learning something new.

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