Przemysław Orlik

Digital Identity Portfolio Lead

While still in primary school, I began taking my first programming lessons. Ever since then, I was sure that my future will involve computers. Computer studies that followed gave me the necessary tools and life lessons for it.

I started my career in the 3rd year of studies when I became a SharePoint programmer. For 10 years I worked with SharePoint and .NET, managing a small team of programmers.

Joining Predica was a step into the unknown, but I quickly found my way and felt at home. Getting out of my comfort zone has become a new habit. My career here has been a time of intense personal growth.

Currently I work with the largest global companies on projects in the area of Identity and Access Management. As part of my role I advise, act as an architect, and lead the implementation team. In addition to project work, I also manage a team of Digital Advisors, working mainly in the area of identity management.

I spend my so-called free time with my wife and our beloved pet, Nori. Whenever we can, the three of us travel around Europe, and when winter comes, I take my snowboard and head for the mountains.

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