Pawel Wrona

Chief Financial Officer

I’ve always liked to think that I have a mission – I try to bring the world of finance closer to people and make it more approachable. In the business for almost 15 years, deep at heart, I’m still an analyst who likes to see how all the blocks fit together. I have prepared dozens of investment business plans (Excel is love, Excel is life!). I’ve also worked in business intelligence (sounds scary, I know), paved the way in cooperation with demanding engineers and IT pros, and had a fascinating adventure in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. I am fascinated both by working with people and enriching numbers with history and context. Because I know a thing or two about advertising (#insta4life), I try to make “boring” finances sound like an adventure.

Apart from having fun with my job, I’m still fueling my internal geek, mainly by watching and reading sci-fi and fantasy (no Trekkies vs Warsies conflict here!). I also like to dive into new technology white papers and sometimes dig out the old gaming classics (PC master race FTW!). But above all, for the last few years I’ve been discovering the greatest joy of being a dad of two young boys – it is a journey like no other. And at the end of all this, a beautiful sunset with blues playing in the background and the smell of an old car await…

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