Pawel Ekk-Cierniakowski

Data Science Practice Lead

I have been professionally involved in data analytics for almost 10 years as data scientist, team leader, and project manager. I took part in many advanced analytics projects, such as production line monitoring, reviews analysis, and price forecasting. My main experience and interest are in pharmaceutical and health care industries, but I have been involved in projects from different areas, such as finance, retail, energy, and agriculture. Currently I am responsible for designing and implementing data solutions, mainly involving machine learning and artificial intelligence. I share my knowledge as a data science trainer, lecturer and speaker at conferences. I also constantly work on increasing my skills. In addition, I co-authored scientific papers, mainly focusing on medicine and statistics, published in journals from the Master Journal List, among others.

Privately a husband and dad. I love traveling both in the surrounding area and around the world, to get to know other cultures and taste other cuisines. During the time abroad I like to at least start a conversation in the language of the place, so I always enjoy learning foreign languages. As a result, in addition to Polish, I speak English, German, Swedish, and French. In my free time I play chess and ride a bicycle.

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