Marek Antoniuk

Head of Domain - Application Services & Future Workplace

My professional adventure with IT began in 2006 when I started working for the global cloud giant, i.e. Microsoft. During that time I mainly dealt with delivering enterprise architecture, verifying proofs of concept in the support processes for SharePoint and Office 365 solutions, as well as overseeing sales for enterprise-scale customers.

The other half of my professional life belongs to Predica, where over six years I went through the whole path from salesman, through team leader and business unit leader. Today, as Head of Application Services & Future Workplace Domain, I lead a team of 7 managers, highly specialized in designing and implementing back office, business processes and cloud productivity solutions (Office 365, SharePoint, Power BI, web applications and intranet, internal communications and workflow optimization).

Regardless of the project I deal with, I am always keen to comprehend our clients’ needs and expectations. I follow the idea that there are no “good enough” solutions—they must be done from A to Z. That’s why I guide our clients through the critical areas of their IT systems to increase their teams’ productivity.

Every day I push myself to always be one step ahead in the business, and in private life too. I love technical innovations. What can I say, I’m a gadget man. I love to build… not buildings though, but teams for which I seek out unicorns, i.e. people who have unique skills on the market. In addition, being a mentor is what I like to do every day. There is nothing more elevating than when a student outgrows the master and becomes 100% self-sufficient.

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