Maciej Wierzbicki

Service Delivery Owner

My IT journey began when I was around 12 years old. It was Christmas time, and things got pretty busy as I was putting together some fancy 486 computers for the family, together with my dad. And then the snowball effect kicked in: I became the IT-go-to-guy in the neighbourhood (with the first CD burner!). At school, I was helping everybody with IT stuff, like (re)installing Windows 98s and XPs… Happy days!

In my adult life, I’ve been a member of helpdesk and infrastructure teams. A few I’ve created from scratch and led successfully. Preferring to stay hands-on, I passed some MS certifications when I wasn’t working with “penguins” (hello, Linux!) and routers. Currently, I’m in the orbit of Secure Infra & Service Management at Predica, being an important part of the Managed Services team. I’m detail- and risk-oriented – always asking “what if…?” And yes, it can be painful for co-workers!

After hours, I often like to plan new trips. Every few days I manage to kick and hit a drum or two – absorbing and creating music is something that keeps me going.

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