Dawid Detko

Digital Advisor & Microsoft MVP

I have been involved in data analysis since I was a child, when I was considering the impact of the number of Lego blocks on the time needed to assemble the whole set. When I grew up a bit, I turned to financial issues and technical analysis of listed companies, which made me decide to study quantitative methods and advanced statistics, as well as computer science.

The combination of these two worlds made me who I am today, i.e. an expert in advanced data analysis, awarded the title of Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP) in the field of Data Platform. At Predica I play the role of “data philosopher”. Every day I run the largest data projects in Europe and the Middle East, using Power BI and Data Analytics.

What does it involve? Designing and implementing advanced analytical solutions, including machine learning algorithms, multidimensional / tabular OLAP data models, development and implementation of data warehouses or databases, as well as building self-service reporting platforms and analytical dashboards (when coding in T-SQL, C#, R, DAX, MDX)—of course, while keeping my head in the “clouds” at all times.

In my spare time I actively play tennis, watch new film productions and get completely engrossed in collector’s sets of Lego blocks.

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