Asen Petrov

Head of Cybersecurity

Since I was a kid, I’ve always had a passion for computers. I started my digital journey with 8-bit computers at the age of 8 (coincidence?) and learnt to code in Basic and Assembler. I now have 16 years of professional experience at companies like HP and Microsoft, among others.
For me, the cherry on top of the IT cake is the identity, security and infrastructure space. Still, it is not my style to restrict myself, as I get bored easily. As such, I always look for challenges and ways to expand my knowledge in different areas. This allows me to lead complex projects that require cross-technology skillsets. Business dynamics and fluctuations, and how IT can support it, instead of being an obstacle, are of particular interest to me. Ultimately, my experience allows me to turn specific business requirements, challenges and/or needs into technical end-to-end solutions – from the sales phase right up to the actual delivery and potential operations.
When I’m not working, I very much enjoy spending time with my family. As a person who grew up in the mountains, I got accustomed to cold and harsh weather. Naturally, I like to ski, hike and mountain bike. At home I love to read, watch movies and play StarCraft. When I’m not helping my daughter to solve jigsaw puzzles, I enjoy listening to hard rock and metal music.