Andrzej Lipka


If I were to say who I am—deep down in my heart I am an IT consultant, as I have been since 2004. I have helped many companies from various countries and industries (SMEs and large corporations) to increase their competitive advantage with the use of the latest Microsoft technologies.

Before I co-founded Predica over 10 years ago, I worked for global corporations. I realized very quickly that the way they work and function is not what I’m about. Together with friends—because after a decade of common challenges and successes I can say this about my Predica co-founders—we run a company that focuses on freedom, independence, and self-development. Here everyone has the right to make their own, informed decisions. Everyone has the choice as to whom they want to work with.

Prior to returning to the CEO role, I worked in almost every capacity—be it IT consultancy, advisory, recruitment or finance. Every day I make sure that Predica follows its chosen mission and vision and does not deviate from this path.

In everyday life I focus on the environment. I have minimized my use of the car and plastics. I dream that in the future Predica will become a zero-emission company with zero carbon footprint. Eco-ideology also guides my choice of companies that manufacture climbing equipment. That is because climbing is my hobby, to which I devote myself completely—of course when I don’t have Predica on my mind. I scout for mountains to climb all over the world.

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