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April – May 2020

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Rehost SQL on Azure
Refactor SQL on Azure


Our client is a governmental organization operating in the education sector. They wanted to strengthen their MIM infrastructure, to increase its reliability and minimize the risk of errors.

Specifically, the organization wanted to create a cloud-based test environment. It would allow them to introduce new solutions faster and deliver them at a lower failure rate.

We were familiar with the client’s environment as we have had an ongoing Managed Services agreement with them. This allowed us to fulfill their business requirements.


We recommended that the client sets up a copy of their existing production environment in the Azure cloud, to be used as a testing environment. Our consultants supported the organization in copying their servers for MIM, DirSync, AD, SQL, and Exchange to the cloud and remove synchronization between test and production.

We have helped the organization set up a standard test environment of their Identity and Access Management solution, including all infrastructure components, like Active Directory, MIM Servers, SQL, etc. Using Azure Migrate, we have migrated core components of the environment (Active Directory, MIM Servers, SQL Server and Exchange Server) to Azure for testing purposes of the solution. The team has also used Virtual Network and Recovery Service Vault to ensure security of the connection and reliability of the service. Finally, we have set up an additional tenant for Azure AD to cover the whole identity management process and to test synchronization of identities, groups, and distribution lists into Azure AD.


With the migration, the company can work more efficiently in the cloud and take advantage of the latest technology without having to set up and maintain additional on-prem infrastructure.

Working with us allowed the client to:

Improve efficiency

The organization now has a reliable testing environment that allows them to improve their systems whenever needed with less downtime.

Optimize costs

By duplicating workloads in the cloud, the client has significantly reduced the necessary investment in purchase and maintenance of on-premises resources.

Boost in-house competencies

With a complete support and knowledge transfer, the client can confidently use the new environment to develop new functionalities. They can also leverage the latest technology to test new approaches. 

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