Exceed your customers’ expectations. Use the latest cloud technologies to improve the buying experience in just 4 weeks.

Exceed your customers’ expectations. Use the latest cloud technologies to improve the buying experience in just 4 weeks.

Help customers find what they need

Store users struggling to find relevant offers? Get them some answers with PredSell

What to offer to each user?

Generate recommendations that are personalized for every visitor to your store.

How to guide brand new customers?​

Detect user intent with advance analytics, and introduce relevant products or discounts.

What to recommend when there’s plenty of choice?

Use Machine Learning to issue recommendations based on real-time stock levels.

Infuse your data with technology to meet your customers’ expectations at the most crucial touchpoints:

Boost profits

Don’t miss out on new sales – get relevant recommendations from the first entry to your online store.

React faster

No more missed connections – introduce real-time offers and suggestions based on customer intent.

Stay ahead

Don’t let technology hold you back – use cloud-powered AI to always get the latest improvements straight out of the box.

Learn customer preferences

Leave out the guesswork – help your customers find the product they want, need, and wish to buy.

Dawid Detko

Offer your customers more with personalized recommendations

What is the plan?

Take advantage of the cloud and see first results in just 4 weeks:

1 Discovery

Tell us about your requirements and current environment, and we’ll work with your team to agree on the best course of action.


We agree with you on the criteria of success for the project, and adapt the solution to your needs and services.


We work with your team to introduce the service to your store, and transfer all the knowledge you need to use and monitor it.

4 Revenue boost

Your customers can enjoy personalized offers and recommendations throughout your online store, boosting sales and cart values.

Why us?

We have built end-to-end data solutions for thousands of users at multiple organizations. See what they have to say:

Thanks to Predica, our organization has now correctly structured data. It allows us to use insightful dashboards and provides a single source of truth to our stakeholders. It helps us to manage employees and resources more efficiently and facilitates the decision-making process.
Florent Cornu
IT Finance Business Partner at Maersk
Our aim was to be able to make decisions more quickly, but we also required a structured data model. We used to rely on multiple spreadsheets edited in various ways by many people. Predica's team helped us consolidate our data sources into a single data factory. It would then feed our data model and ultimately allowed us to gain clear business insights in Power BI. I'm very happy with the result of our collaboration with Predica, and do recommend its services.

We are born data wizards

Our people have unique knowledge and practical experience in acquisition, integration and processing any amount of data to provide businesses like yours with valuable insights.

We’ve got a track record of delivering within scope

Our consultants work across industries to help clients achieve their business goals with proven solutions for cloud-specific challenges

Banking projects
Utility projects
Logistics projects
Government projects

Get in touch with us and transform your customers’ experience!

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