Take control of your data.
Create advanced interactive dashboards with Power BI.

Switch to data-driven decision making with intuitive reports

Real-time insights

Get a complete overview of your KPIs using a personalized business intelligence report

Wider view

By integrating information from numerous data sources, you can see new and unexpected patterns

Customized branding

Dashboards are designed in line with your visual identity, to seamlessly integrate with your resources

Faster decision-making

Interactive designs empower your whole team to make better-informed business decisions

Visual tools

Interactive reports display information in a clear and engaging way, perfect for business meetings

Powerful analytics

Take advantage of Big Data by properly processing, organizing and analyzing your information.

Why do you need DevOps?
Almost 80% of DevOps adopters get stagnant in their journey. We can help you move forward.
Adapt faster
Streamline your development processes to meet customer and market demands as they arise, moving from cost center to value center.
Grow your business
Learn how to use DevOps at scale so you can develop your organization and keep operations running smoothly.
Secure your code
Use automation and the power of GitHub to secure product development at the earliest stages and protect your applications from vulnerabilities.

Main benefits

User-friendly interface

Intuitive and real-time view of your organization’s KPIs using dashboards and interactive drill-down reports

Fully customizable design

Personalized reports and dashboards, consistent with your brand, adapted especially to your needs

Cutting-edge technologies

We use our proven innovative techniques and Microsoft’s out-of-the-box functionality to quickly deliver the best experience
Why do you need DevOps?
Almost 80% of DevOps adopters get stagnant in their journey. We can help you move forward.
Resource efficiency

Make the most of technology you already have by adopting best practices and simplifying operations.
Fast iterations
Standardize your processes to test more ideas, and react to changes in customer demands as they happen.
Break down silos between teams by getting them a shared set of tools and practices to reach common goals.

Measuring the effectiveness of Marketing campaigns

Plan and make decisions based on data

As marketing campaigns are becoming increasingly more measurable, they also become more effective. A thorough analysis of the impact of promotional activities on consumer behavior allows effective campaigns to be run at optimal costs. We decided to take a closer look at our own online campaigns. A Power BI report is a very simple and transparent way to measure their effectiveness.

See video to explore more

Churn analysis 

Keep your most valuable customers 

One of the most important challenges facing modern enterprises is dealing with customer migration (churn). Between growing competition on one hand, and higher customer expectations on the other, it is increasingly difficult to stay ahead.

So, how we can face this challenge? The answer is churn analysis with Machine Learning modelling, together with customer scoring and segmentation methodologies. 

It helps us identify our most important customers and adapt are strategy to cater to their needs. 

Churn analysis and score – what is it?

In a relatively mature market with few new customers for a product or service, it is easy for the customer to change suppliers. That’s why preventing customer departures is crucial.

The cost of acquiring new customers is usually higher than keeping existing ones. Additionally, customer loyalty is key to increasing revenue and company promotion. 

In order to prevent departures, we use data analysis to acquire general knowledge about all clients, and detailed analysis allowing us to identify customers at risk of switching to competitors.

See video to explore more

Check out the possibilities of Power BI

See example reports

Green Energy Analysis

Sales & Market Analysis

Power BI Demo Report

Delivering actionable insights

Use automation to get more accurate data and make decisions faster.


How to control data across
multiple sources?

Create a single source of truth for your organization.An international organization took advantage of Power BI. Watch the video to see example dashboards prepared for their technology finance department. 

With deeper insights, the company can better monitor their projects and budgeting. 

Want to start using interactive dashboards?

Learn how to power up your data strategy 


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