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Modernizing user platform with the Microsoft Azure Cloud




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March 2020 – March 2021


Our client in the Nordics wanted to take advantage of the cloud to develop their business model. Providing millions of devices to users worldwide, they decided to launch an additional, subscription-based equipment management service to better serve their customers.

Previously, devices were managed using an on-premises solution. The service needed to be modernized to:


We have recreated the client’s platform using event-based architecture in the Microsoft Cloud. Services such as Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure Container Registry allowed us to leverage microservices for better scalability and customization of platform functionalities.

Most importantly, with Kubernetes, new functionalities can be introduced to the service virtually out-of-the-box, with little to no customization. This speeds up development time and reduces the risks of errors.

We also used the Infrastructure-as-Code approach, facilitated by Azure DevOps. It allowed us to track any pipeline changes and enforce consistent standards at scale.


By using Azure: 


The modernized IoT platform we created for the client is fully compatible with existing and new devices. Basing it on the Azure cloud allowed for easier scalability and reliability, as the service now processes thousands of events per hour.

Working with us allowed them to get:

Broader offering

Customers can now receive real-time notifications and check dashboards for information about device condition.

Higher efficiency

The platform also allowed to automate device management, saving time and effort previously needed to control the products.

Predictive analytics

Cloud analytics also enable predictive maintenance capabilities. Customers can now receive alerts and warnings before a mechanic failure occurs, allowing them to maximize their investment.

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