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How to move core business applications to the Azure Cloud?​




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Our client in the finance industry was considering moving one of their core business applications to the cloud. They were looking for recommendations on how to lead this process.

Due to intense business growth, the updated application had to be scalable and based on containers, to enable customization with add-ons at a later date. 

We needed to deliver a long-term migration plan, detailing:


We have conducted an audit of the client’s application. This involved a full review of the application code, as well as an interview with the IT department. 

This research allowed us to analyze the system in-depth and understand any dependencies that could affect the migration process. Then over three weeks we have worked with the client to prepare a customized migration plan. 

The final report included the recommendation for the process, including:


Following the assessment, the client gained a customized roadmap for migrating their application, allowing them to move forward with a PoC of their application in Azure.

Working with us allowed them to:

Reduce risk

They could leverage our experience with applications in Azure to cover all bases and make sure their modernized app is secure, scalable, and reliable

Optimize efforts

Having a detailed plan, including cost estimates, meant the client could move fast without wasting time or budget

Improve security

By using a verified architecture with modern security features, the client could enhance the security of their solution.

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