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If you are CISO, IT Manager, or a MIM Professional, this webinar is for you!

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Join our 1-hour panel of MIM experts to learn more about what the future holds for MIM.

In this webinar, you will learn:

What key Microsoft MIM support dates do you need to be aware of?

Should you replace MIM?

What other identity management options do you have?

Q&A with our experts!

Who will benefit?


IT Manager

MIM Professional

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Tom Onyszko

CTO & Co-founder, Predica / Microsoft MVP

I’ve spent over a decade in the industry widely known as IT. For quite a while now I’ve been focused on the areas of identity, access and privacy, their use and implementation, and I’m still not bored of it. Occasionally I’m a speaker, e.g. at TechED, The Expert Conference (previously Directory Expert Conference—those were the days!), Microsoft Technology Summit (MTS). In the distant past, I co-authored several books, was as deputy editor-in-chief and wrote some articles. Nobody counted, but I’m responsible for probably thousands of posts on forums, Usenet and similar. Since 2005, with breaks, I’ve been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), although the meaning of it has evolved somewhat. Professionally: CTO, solution architect, one of the partners at Predica (go team!). Privately: father, not-husband, runner (now it’s only recreational. The marathon—been there, done that, was pretty bored, but who knows, maybe I’ll go for it again someday…), fan of speculative fiction (preferably cyberpunk, but I won’t say no to good fantasy) and cinema. One day I’d like to have a small brewery, but we’ll see.

Scott Eastin

Director, Eastin IT Security

Scott has over 15 years of experience working with the Microsoft Identity Manager platform since it was known as MIIS 2003. He has implemented MIM 2016 and FIM 2010 for some of America's best known companies. He is the Owner of Eastin IT Security, a company that helps Microsoft VARs and regional business partners implement MIM for their clients.

Lance Hext

Senior Consultant, Eastin IT Security

Lance Hext has over 20 years of identity management experience implementing Microsoft solutions for large corporate clients. Lance started with MIIS 2003 and has worked with the product all of the way through MIM 2016. Additionally, he has extensive experience with Active Directory, PAM and integrating FIM/MIM with O365 and Azure. Lance is currently a senior consultant with EastinIT and is based in Atlanta, GA.

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