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Migrating on-premises infrastructure to Microsoft Azure Cloud




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April – June 2020

Migration Scenario

Rehost Windows servers on Azure


Our client is a company responsible for oil & gas production in Kuwait. To increase their business agility, they decided to move some of their workloads to the Azure cloud.

Because the company’s operations are crucial to the region’s economy, it was important that their systems are scalable, reliable, and secure. At the same time, migrating the existing on-premises infrastructure would allow the client to reduce their IT maintenance costs.

The migration started with dev/test environments. Working with the client, we helped them to:


We have held discovery workshops with the client to understand their requirements and policies in greater depth. Investigating their architecture allowed us to recommend the best approach to migration.

During the next stage, we have set up the necessary resources in Azure to prepare for migration.

For initial backup, we have also created an offline copy of the dev environment. During the final phase, we have assisted the client in migrating their SharePoint Server and GIS development environments to Azure. To ensure that all resources function correctly, we have also assisted in UATs and resolved any errors arising from the migration.


With the migration, the company can work more efficiently in the cloud and take advantage of the latest technology without having to maintain its infrastructure.

Working with us allowed the client to:

Increase flexibility

Highly scalable Azure IaaS resources like VMs, storage etc. allowed the company to deliver new solutions faster.

Optimize costs

By migrating workloads to the cloud, the client has significantly reduced the maintenance costs of their on-premises resources.

Improve security

With a modern infrastructure in the cloud and an initial off-site backup, the client is well prepared in case data recovery is needed.

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