Managed SOC

Get enterprise-grade security for your business, no matter the size or industry. We’ll help you keep it safe with proven, transparent processes. 

Protect what’s important

Don’t fight your security battles alone. Fortify your defenses with a Managed Security Operations Center.

Worried about cyberattacks?

Use the latest tech to proactively hunt for and mitigate threats. 

Unsure about compliance?

Gain a complete package of ready-to-deploy, fully measurable processes. 

Need more people on the case?

Get a dedicated team of cybersecurity analysts to help you out. 

Keep your business safe from harm with a dedicated Managed Security Operations Center:

Risk factors

Don’t take any chances – use the latest technology to proactively hunt for problems and take advantage of the ever-expanding threat database. 

Business continuity

Keep things running smoothly – we can help you prepare contingency plans, so if the unthinkable happens, you’re ready to tackle it. 

Security incidents

Focus on what matters – take advantage of automated triage, so low-risk threats are mitigated instantly. 


Get peace of mind – with our 3-part method (people, technology, process), we deliver a customizable, end-to-end service. 

Get in touch and let us know what you need 

What is the plan?

Let us know what you need, and we’ll develop a customized action plan to help you keep you safe.
All it takes are 4 simple steps: 

1 Team setup

Talk us through your requirements and we’ll put together a dedicated team to guide you through the process.

Process implementation

Using automated pipelines and DevOps practices, we’ll help you implement intelligent security tools for monitoring and protecting your environment.

Service deployment

We’ll introduce a set of cybersecurity tools that will help you look out for and mitigate threats to your resources.

Confidence boost

With our dedicated service, you’ll have greater confidence and peace of mind when it comes to protecting your kingdom.

Why us?

We’ve been working on improving security standards not just for ourselves, but also for our clients and partners for over 10 years. See what they say about us:

Predica helped us set up SSO for our partner portal on Azure B2C. From the first contact right to project delivery, their speed of action was impressive. No time was wasted - the team was 100% focused on identifying the problem and solving it with the right technology. Their agile approach also helped to keep everything on track. Whether they needed to adjust to our schedule or resources, communication was always ongoing and the project ran on time. Their work is also appreciated by our business partner who noted the speed and efficiency with which the solution was delivered. Overall, we're very happe with this collaboration, and we would strongly recommend Predica to other companies who want to set up Identity and Access Management.
Pascal Waldvogel
Manager Digital Transformation, Kardex
Getting Dynamics 365 and Azure into our IT landscape in a smart way helped us cut meaningless work of our staff. And Predica has been instrumental in this. They proved to be a fast, reliable partner, proactively proposing improvements and using common sense when deploying new technology.
Rickard Wetteholm
Euromaster Business Architect and Project Manager

We live and breathe security

We are aligned with all 5 pillars of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Our people go through extensive training and certification programs, and continually update their knowledge, to stay one step ahead of the bad guys 

We’ve got a track record of delivering within scope

Our consultants help clients across industries to achieve their security-related goals using proven methods and tools to address cloud-specific challenges

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Share your problem with us and let’s find a solution

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    Is this service for me?

    You don’t need to be a security expert to take advantage of this service. Contact us, and we’ll get you the help you need.

    Do I need a cloud to implement it?

    No. Even if you’re not in the cloud, you can use the technology to improve your security.

    What if I don't have a security team?

    You can simply use ours – we’ll look after your environment and help keep it safe.

    What if my security team is too busy?

    That’s even more reason to get in touch – with automated responses we can take care of the simpler tasks.

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