Managed Services assessment

Looking for a Managed Services provider? Wondering if it's the right choice for your organization? What are the available options?

Complete the questionnaire covering the essential elements of Managed Services.

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Internal Managed ServiceVendor's Managed ServiceHybrid Managed ServiceInternal Reactive SupportVendor's Reactive SupportHybrid Reactive SupportNo need for structured support or Managed ServiceWe don't have this areaOther
On-prem Infrastructure (e.g.. servers, OS, etc.)
Cloud infrastructure (e.g. Azure Services, Landing Zones)
Digital workplace (e.g. Microsoft 365, Office 365)
Platform and DevOps processess (e.g. Azure DevOps/Github, CI/CD , Kubernetes, etc)
Applications and integration solutions (e.g. Backend/Fronted apps, Teams as a Platform, Sharepoint apps, etc.)
Business Apps (e.g. Power Platform, Dynamics 365 etc.)
Data (e.g. AI, Power BI, Machine Learning, data transport and cleaning etc.)
Identity (e.g. AD, AAD, Azure B2C etc.)
Security (e.g. SOC, Sentinel, etc.)
End-user support (1st line of support)

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