Knowledge Mining

Save time in your daily work. Get the
information you’re looking for in seconds.

Knowledge Mining

Save time in your daily work. Get the information you’re looking for in seconds.

Find the files you need, instantly

Identify and see relevant patterns and relationships in any type of content at your organization. A centralized intelligent search engine keeps all your information in one place.
Knowledge Mining demo

Get relevant search results, fast

Tired of browsing Data Manually?

Take advantage of the Azure AI-based set of tools to automatically store, index and retrieve files in every form.

Wasting hours on looking for files?

Gain an intelligent solution, using document scanning to dig through mounds of files effortlessly.

Having trouble finding the Right Content?

Get more accurate search results than previously possible, finding specified and relevant elements among your data.

Transform unstructured information into searchable content:

Speed up your search

Use the latest technology to filter, and retrieve information that was once impossible to find, in a matter of seconds.

Increase efficiency

Take advantage of AI-driven intelligent search and shift your efforts to more meaningful tasks.

Tame the Data chaos

Sort files by relevance, categorize and filter files by type… no more frustration and anger while looking for information.

Be the hero

Make your teammates happy – intelligent search is a true savior for companies holding huge amounts of data. Everyone will appreciate it.

Ease your everyday work life

Knowledge Mining in practice

Examples of usage include: 

Risk and compliance

Help legal department quickly identify entities of importance from discovery documents and flag important ideas across assets.

Technical content review

Help technical departments  (where the diagnosis of a problem must be quick) to avoid costly mistakes, by finding accurate fixes in near real-time.  

Customer Feedback

Help customer support teams quickly find the right answer to customer questions or evaluate large-scale customer sentiment. 

Digital asset Management

Help website users find what they’re looking faster, with  the search index integrated into the company’s website 

Powered by AI

Orchestrate Machine Learning capabilities and get insights from content you didn’t know was there

Knowledge Mining process

Get started with your customized search engine

What is the plan?

We’ll develop a customized intelligent search service using the latest technologies in a short, 4-step process:

1 Envision

Tell us your requirements and together we set up the criteria of success.


We’ll help you configure essential Azure services and Web API, implement the search engine, and take care of front-end design. 

3 Test

With your team, we will specify essential test cases and carry out the acceptance process. 

4 Deploy

Now you can use Knowledge Mining to achieve more in less time!

What our clients say

Thanks to Predica, our organization has now correctly structured data. It allows us to use insightful dashboards and provides a single source of truth to our stakeholders. It helps us to manage employees and resources more efficiently and facilitates the decision-making process.
Florent Cornu
IT Finance Business Partner at Maersk
Our aim was to be able to make decisions more quickly, but we also required a structured data model. We used to rely on multiple spreadsheets edited in various ways by many people. Predica's team helped us consolidate our data sources into a single data factory. It would then feed our data model and ultimately allowed us to gain clear business insights in Power BI. I'm very happy with the result of our collaboration with Predica, and do recommend its services.

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