How to Work with GitHub and Azure DevOps

Should you choose just one tool, or can you work with both?
Find out how to take advantage of DevOps at any scale.

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    9th December 2021 | 10:30-11:30 AM PT | Online

    Date: 9th December 2021

    Time: 10:30-11:30 AM PT

    Location: Online


    VP of Consulting, Predica

    I’m a business man at heart with a passion for technology. This unique blend of business and technical led to my advancement as CIO for one of Microsoft’s largest US partners, a role which I held for over 8 years before shifting over to launch the organization’s Cloud Services and Managed Services Business. We won the “Microsoft US Partner of Year” title within the first 3 years. 

    When I met the Predica team, they had already established themselves in Europe and the Middle East and were looking to enter the US market. I instantly knew Predica would become my new home. I’m now responsible for all the company’s business operations in the United States.

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