Data Strategy Workshop

Turn your data into a value generation engine. Get a customized roadmap for harnessing the power of data and AI.
Make decisions based on facts, not guesses

Over two weeks we will work with your teams to assess your current use of data. You’ll get a complete picture of what is, and inspiration for what could be. Together we’ll develop a detailed data strategy for your business, including use cases, recommendations, and cost estimates.

Drowning in disparate data?

Create your data roadmap and use it to your advantage.

Craving for insights?

Gather ideas for using the latest tech to get the right answers.

Don’t know where to start?

Get a dedicated support team to guide you end-to-end.

Let’s turn your data into a true asset!

Get ahead

Don’t miss out – discover new marketing and business development opportunities with centralized data sources.

Retain Control

Get the key info first – set realistic goals and measure & track your business outcomes in real time.

Stay Strategic

Set a clear vision – create a customized roadmap, timeline and comparison of “what is” and “what may be”.

Optimize Spending

No wasted money – make informed decisions on cost and production planning.
Dawid Detko

Contact us now to get started with your data strategy

What is the plan?

We will work with you over 2 weeks to provide a robust data strategy for your organization:

1 Inspiration

We will show you what is possible with AI and Modern Data Warehouse, and discuss these options with you in the context of your business needs.

2 Discovery

We will conduct brainstorming and Q&A sessions with your team to establish priorities and assess your organization’s AI readiness and data maturity.

3 Recommendation

With your input, we’ll develop a customized Data Strategy and present it to you & your team, including use cases for AI implementation, recommendations, and cost estimates.

4 Your move

It’s time for you to decide whether you want to implement the developed strategy on your own, with another partner, or continue the process with us.
What can you use data and AI for?

Only 4% of organizations take full advantage of their data. If you want to gain deeper insights into your business or customer behavior, we’ll give you all the tools and knowledge for it

Customer Experience

Learn what your customers need and deliver the right suggestions at the right time.

Business strategy

Get near real-time insights into your organization’s performance and make better-informed decisions.


Automate data gathering and processing to get clearer, more accurate insights and react faster to changes.

Why us?

We’ve been working on improving data strategy not just for ourselves, but also for our clients and partners for over 10 years. See what they say about us
Our aim was to be able to make decisions more quickly, but we also required a structured data model. We used to rely on multiple spreadsheets edited in various ways by many people. Predica's team helped us consolidate our data sources into a single data factory. It would then feed our data model and ultimately allowed us to gain clear business insights in Power BI. I'm very happy with the result of our collaboration with Predica, and do recommend its services.
Joanna Kuduk
Digital Transformation Manager, Adamed Pharma S.A.
Thanks to Predica, our organization has now correctly structured data. It allows us to use insightful dashboards and provides a single source of truth to our stakeholders. It helps us to manage employees and resources more efficiently and facilitates the decision-making process.
Florent Cornu
IT Finance Business Partner at Maersk

We are data science believers

Our experts have practical expertise in Azure cloud-based AI solutions and machine learning algorithms. They continually update their knowledge to be up-to-date with the most advanced data solutions.
We’ve got a track record of delivering within scope
Our consultants help clients across industries to achieve their goals using proven methods and processes to address cloud-specific challenges.
Banking projects
Utility projects
Logistics projects
Government projects
Put your data to work. Let us show you how!

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