Data and AI

Get the intelligence you need to make data-driven decisions for business growth.

Get insights you can act on

Use powerful analytics and interactive visualizations to make better business decisions

Only 4% of organizations fully use their data

Use data analysis to your advantage and see a real impact on your business right away.

Data-driven businesses grow 3x more

Unlock the value of your data with easy access to real-time information.

87% of data projects don’t take off, make sure yours does

Easily set up, maintain, and secure a single source of truth that’s ready for advanced analysis.

What is your goal?
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AI readiness and data maturity assessment
Customized data strategy
Use cases, cost estimations, and recommendations
PoC of interactive reporting package, customized to your business needs and consistent with your branding.
Gain advantage
Architecture design
Automated delivery (DataOps)
Proof-of-Concept deployment
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Our services

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Cloud Data
Architecture GDPR
Compliance Audit 

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Rapid AI Prototyping

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Main services


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AI-based Customer
Data Platform 

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Managed services

Managed Azure

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4xOps as a Service

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Microsoft Advanced Specializations

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We can help you overcome data-related challenges

Modern Data Warehouse

Building highly scalable, cloud-based data warehousing solutions

Enterprise source of truth

Integration with Big Data platforms ​
Modern BI system​s
Data Integration from different sources​
Azure Synapse
Azure Databricks

AI and Machine Learning

Implementing advanced analytics solutions using Machine Learning techniques

Intelligent applications

Knowledge Mining
Predictive scenarios ​
Azure Machine Learning
Azure Cognitive Services 

Data Visualization

Creating a brand-new analytical layer within the organization

Advanced visualization methodologies ​

Self-service BI reporting ​
Centralized reporting platform implementation ​
Power BI
Reporting services ​

See the insights, not the code

Empower your people

Interactive dashboards make data easy to understand, so you won’t need an expert to get the most out of it.

Identify customers’ needs

Understand how your customers react to your products and services and provide them with the best possible service.

Save time

Use the cloud to eliminate the need for manual data entry and get insights in seconds.

Move faster

We can introduce working solutions within weeks to show you results that will help you move forward.

We bridge the gap between data and action

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Project hours
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Data experts

Delivering actionable insights

Use automation to get more accurate data and make decisions faster 
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We’re ready to help

Paweł Borowiecki

Digital Advisor Domain Lead

Dawid Detko

Digital Advisor & Microsoft MVP

Wiktor Zdzienicki

Digital Advisor

Learn how to power up your data strategy 


Customer 360 Overview

Today, I’d like to tell you about Customer 360 overview and how to use data and AI to build better relationships with your customers.

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