Cloud security

Build a strong defense with proactive managed security services, advanced visibility tools, and experts who know security inside out.

Cybersecurity with Microsoft DNA

We investigate, respond, and protect you from threats around the clock.

Deploy with confidence

Take the uncertainty and fear out of moving your workloads to the cloud with proven frameworks.

Maintain compliance

Achieve consistent and reliable IT workloads with processes designed for the cloud.

Simplify user management

Control remote and guest user access, and decrease breach vulnerability.

What is your goal?
Essential protection
Environment analysis
Customized roadmap
Change management support
Secure access to your applications
Improved experience for customers and partners
Single sign-on and self-service management

Complete framework

Customized implementation plan
Backlog setup
Full knowledge transfer
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Cloud security services

Start here

Critical Assets

Coming soon

M365 Identity and Security Advisory

Coming soon

Azure Security Workshop

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Next steps

Securing Critical Assets for Azure

Coming soon

Securing Critical Assets for AD

Coming soon

Securing Critical

Coming soon

Main services

M365 Implementation Program

Coming soon

Managed services

Managed Identity and Security

Coming soon

Microsoft Advanced Specializations

★ ★ ★ Advanced Specialization


★ ★ ★ Advanced Specialization


We leverage the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
to keep your environment safe


Get a 360 view of the security vulnerabilities in your environment

Risk management

Cloud app security
Microsoft Information Protection
Azure Active Directory


Put safeguards in place before a breach happens

Security governance

Data security
Awareness and training
Information protection
Identity Management
Access control

Detect & Respond

Proactively hunt for and react to threats to your environment

24/7 incident prevention

Continuous security monitoring
Anomaly and event detection
Azure Lighthouse
Azure Sentinel
Azure DevOps


Keep your business operational even when the unthinkable happens

Disaster recovery

Coordinated communication
Recovery planning
Ongoing improvements

What will you do when a breach happens?
Let’s make sure you’re prepared

Always up-to-date

Our services are continually improved based on Microsoft updates and client feedback. 

Complete coverage

You’ve got enough on your mind. Let our experts take care of your IT infrastructure and major cloud vulnerabilities.

24/7 monitoring

Empowered with AI and cloud technology, we watch for threats so you can focus on your business. 

Security alerts that matter

We make it easy to keep your environment safe and your team up-to-date with real-time alerts and analysis.

Keeping businesses safe is our specialty

Microsoft competences
years of experience
delivered projects

Strengthening security posture

We helped SIG consolidate and optimize their IT resources.

Looking out for your environment

Asen Petrov

Digital Advisor Business Lead

Robert Przybylski

Security Architect & Microsoft MVP

Tomasz Onyszko

CTO & Microsoft MVP

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