Cloud Operations

Set up and manage your infrastructure in the cloud. Save time by automating critical functions and keep resources safe with modern identity services.

Cloud Operations

Get out of the data center and into the cloud

Not sure where to go on your digital journey? We’ll guide you every step of the way

Looking to move?

Get a step by step plan for migrating your IT environment as painlessly as possible.

Need to optimize?

Make your IT workloads more consistent and reliable with processes designed for the cloud.

Want to simplify user management?

Empower your workforce without compromising security using time-saving identity management solutions.

What is your goal?
Practical discovery workshop
CI/CD pipeline setup
Joint project work

Cloud Migration Assessment

Environment analysis
Customized migration plan
Architecture recommendations
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Our services

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Enterprise Cloud Environment

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Securing Critical

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Main services

Cloud Migration
for Apps

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Cloud Native

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Managed services

Managed Azure

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4xOps as a Service

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Microsoft Advanced Specializations

★ ★ ★ Advanced Specialization


★ ★ ★ Advanced Specialization


We’re the world-class cloud partner you’ve been looking for

Zero-Trust Identity

Protecting your assets with customized identity solutions


Workforce Identity
    Azure AD
External Identity
    Azure AD B2C
Identity Governance

Cloud Adoption

Supporting your cloud journey from the beginning


Cloud Governance Framework
Cloud Shared Services

Cloud Automation

Speeding up your processes


Workload automation
Azure DevOps

Cloud Optimization

Making the most of your investment


Workload automation
Azure DevOps

Keeping the cloud under control is what we do

Microsoft competences
Years of experience
$ 0 M
of cloud resources managed
Cloud experts
Stay in control of your cloud as your
business grows

Automate deployments

Keep your resources consistent and compliant with standardized deployment blueprints.

Secure access

Make sure your applications are protected yet still available to those who need them.

Reduce IT overhead

Lower your costs and still use your investment to the maximum.

Optimize operations

Cut down unnecessary effort with automation, so your people can focus on what really matters.

We’re ready to help

Marek Drob

Chief Operations Officer

Lukasz Gratkowski

Digital Advisor Domain Lead

Przemysław Orlik

Digital Advisor Lead

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