Cloud Governance​​

Keep your resources consistent, improve environment security and
maintain compliance with a proven, complete framework.

Keep your cloud under control

Tools and services getting out of hand?
We’ll help you get them in order.

Bills too high?

See how to estimate costs, assign budgets and monitor expenses.

Deployments too hectic?

Get a clear template for introducing new services. 

Compliance too complex?

Easily introduce and enforce rules in your environment. 

Align your business, people and technology and don’t let your cloud investment go to waste:

Manage costs

No more guesswork as to where the money goes. Allocate budgets and monitor them by specific unit or cost center.

Control resources

No more starting over with each deployment.
Gain a consistent model for introducing and managing your services right from the start. 

Stay safe

No more gaps in your security. Establish solid baselines for keeping identities and resources protected and compliant. 

Monitor the environment

No more information chaos. Gather the right monitoring and telemetry data, including security-related events, and easily integrate it with your systems. 

Tomasz Onyszko

Get in touch now to get your cloud under control!

What is the plan?

We will help you regain control of your cloud in 4 easy steps: 


We will work with you to define the scope of the process, and during an initial workshop we will discuss your needs and areas to address.


Our team will prepare a thorough report on what we’ve agreed during the workshop, and prepare a set of recommendations for individual services and mechanisms you use.

Backlog creation

The entire implementation plan will be translated to a complete backlog in Azure DevOps, so you have a step-by-step process ready to go.

Knowledge transfer

In the final phase, we will host additional workshops with your team to fully present the entire plan and make sure that your team is perfectly clear on what to do. You can then decide whether you’d like to implement it on your own, with another partner, or if you’d like to continue the process with us. 

Why us?

We have developed our framework over 10+ years of working with clients around the world. See what they have to say:

The solutions implemented by Predica have made a very positive impact on the way we work at Polpharma. Thanks to enterprise social platform it’s easier to communicate and collaborate with each other, even in dispersed teams, and the information has become more accessible for every employee.
Jarosław Herrmann
Digital Transformation and Corporate Communication Expert
Getting Dynamics 365 and Azure into our IT landscape in a smart way helped us cut meaningless work of our staff. And Predica has been instrumental in this. They proved to be a fast, reliable partner, proactively proposing improvements and using common sense when deploying new technology.
Rickard Wetteholm
Euromaster Business Architect and Project Manager

We know the cloud inside-out

Our people have similar background when it comes to delivering results in the fast-changing tech world. We’ve spent many hours (and dollars) on advancing our skills, both in theory and in practice.

We’ve got a track record of delivering within scope

Our consultants helped clients from several industries to achieve their goals for cloud adoption, using our proven framework and tools.

Banking projects
Utility projects
Logistics projects
Government projects

Get in touch with us and find out how to tame your cloud!

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