Cloud Apps Architecture Guidance

Get a complete, clear design of your cloud application, addressing architecture,
governance, security & risk, costs and data management. We’ll guide you through it.

Find your way in the cloud

Struggling with too many unknowns? Let us guide you through them
Take advantage of our 3-step cloud app design method and overcome the challenges of creating your business application:

Save time

No need to spend hundreds of hours on your own research – get the information you need and increase your knowledge of cloud architecture.

Optimize Costs​​

No guesswork regarding budgeting – get a full understanding of your costs, including forecasting and estimations, so you don’t overspend.

Minimize risk

No taking chances when it comes to security – with clear safeguards to implement, you can reduce the risk of an incident and avoid exposing user data.

Reach your goals

No failed objectives – get all the tools necessary to see your project through and deliver it in scope, on time, and within budget.

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What is the plan?

We will help you choose the best architecture and services for your business needs in a simple, 3-step process:


Defining your business goal, any constraints (e.g. legal, organizational, cost, time) and success criteria (what, by when, within what budget).


Designing the best possible cloud-based architecture(s), perfectly suited for your specific business requirements and constraints.


Delivering the complete architecture for your cloud application, addressing technology choices, security analysis, cost model and estimation for cloud resources.

Why us?

We delivered many projects, which included designing and building cloud solution architectures, for multiple clients.

See what they have to say

The solutions implemented by Predica have made a very positive impact on the way we work at Polpharma. Thanks to enterprise social platform it’s easier to communicate and collaborate with each other, even in dispersed teams, and the information has become more accessible for every employee.
Jarosław Herrmann
Digital Transformation and Corporate Communication Expert
Prosper as personal finance management can actually go beyond banking. We want to help customers make decisions that will make them better at their economy going forward. Predica have been working day and night to make sure that we were able to deliver the Prosper platform within the time period that we had.
Oskar Karlsson
Product Manager Open Banking

We know the cloud first-hand

Our people have similar experiences when it comes to delivering results in the fast-changing tech world.
We have spent many hours (and dollars) on advancing our skills, both in theory and in practice

We’ve got a track record of delivering within scope

Our consultants helped clients from several industries to achieve their goals using proven architecture patterns and design process to address cloud-specific challenges

Banking projects
Utility projects
Logistics projects
Government projects

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    Nowadays, many people have several accounts in different banks. For each bank, we have an application (web or mobile) where we can sign in and perform different operations.


    One of the biggest challenges related to building applications is security. The key problems involve authenticating users…


    Getting an exact asset location can help organizations determine their plan of action, prepare for the delivery to arrive and spot bottlenecks on the way that can be avoided in the future.