Case study

Securing government data with federated access and MFA

A government body needs highest security standards available, and preventing an unauthorized system access is a matter of the highest importance.
Technologies used:
Active Directory Federation Services
Multi-Factor Authentication

Telecommuting is becoming more popular across various industries. Even though it offers many benefits, it also poses significant security risks. Remote workers accessing corporate assets from outside the internal network with an improperly secured channel can be exploited by cyber attackers.


Our client is a Qatari government body. As a central institution, they process large amounts of classified information and personal data, which must be under strict protection at all times.

For this organization, preventing unauthorized system access is a matter of national security. They required an infallible solution to facilitate remote access for their employees.

The technology they use must be tried and tested, and security solutions need to provide the highest protection to prevent cyber attacks or data leaks.

The organization previously used TMG 2010 (Threat Management Gateway) access solution for their internal Exchange Server (OWA – Outlook Web Access). They were looking to modernize this solution and introduce additional access protection, such as Multi-Factor Authentication.

The aim of the project was to accomplish the following:

  • Provide secure user access to Outlook Web Access
  • Improve the security of the Exchange Server
  • Replace the existing web gateway solution with a new, more reliable option.
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To facilitate remote resource access, we have replaced the client’s TMG 2010 solution with Active Directory Federation Services. Now employees can log on to their resources easily and securely with a minimized risk of data leakage.

We also added another layer of security by installing MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). This protection helps to further protect company resources, preventing unauthorized access.


Using the latest technology means the organization’s server is protected by the newest and most up-to-date security features. Now ministry employees can safely access the resources they need from wherever they are, while the organization’s data is protected against cyber attackers.


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