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How Euromaster saves 2,500 trees and 160 tons of CO2 emissions per year with Microsoft cloud

According to, there are currently over 1 billion passenger cars all over the world. That means that on average, one in eight people owns or drives a car. All these vehicles have one thing in common – they have tires.
Company Size:
Sweden, Finland, Denmark
Since 2017
Technologies used:
Dynamics 365

As a car owner, every now and then you’ve got to replace tires with new ones or with another type as the season changes. The demand is huge. That’s where our client – Euromaster – comes in.

About Euromaster

If you haven’t heard of Euromaster, you have certainly come across Michelin – the world’s largest tire manufacturer. Euromaster is a part of Michelin and currently operates in 17 European countries. They produce 7,100,100+ tires per year and have 2,400 network centers.

Euromaster offers its services to consumers like you and me but beyond that, it trades with other companies by selling a huge number of tires. What’s more, it also collaborates with manufacturers and distributors of parts, accessories and car fluids.

Working on such a large scale requires a well-considered approach with hundreds if not thousands of procedures and dozens of IT solutions which bring about numerous challenges.

Let's take a look at some of them
  • How to effectively book appointments at any time for thousands of clients?
  • Is there a way of efficiently reminding existing customers about seasonal tire replacement twice a year?
  • Is it possible to provide access to up-to-date stock levels between all the organizations that Euromaster is partnered with to maintain an uninterrupted flow of goods?

Relevant technology is a must for such tasks. And this is where we were able to help. In the words of one of the key people at Euromaster who made it happen:

Euromaster core business is far from digital technology and cloud computing and closer to the ground (literally). But even our company could reap benefits from Microsoft cloud – get closer to our customers, improve their experience, and provide them benefits with our vast amounts of data on vehicles.

Jani Minler

Euromaster CIO

Creating a digitalized customer base

The first and key stage was deploying a ‘tire hotel’ management solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service. As a result, every new and existing piece of information about each client, its vehicle, and tires is being stored in the same place and structure. It allows Euromaster to easily manage all customer data and take advantage of marketing possibilities.
Why is this important? You’ll find out in the next 3 sections, covering:

  • Personalized, automated digital marketing campaigns
  • A customer self-service portal
  • 3rd party collaboration

CRM for Euromaster

Picture 1 Reviewing contact data in CRM [data removed on purpose]

CRM for Euromaster - reviewing vehicle data

Picture 2 Reviewing data about a vehicle in CRM [data removed on purpose]

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Automated marketing campaigns

Once we had a single source of client information, we could start implementing marketing tactics on a larger scale. In Nordic countries, all cars have to undergo a seasonal tire change twice a year.

Using their CRM, Euromaster sends an email or an SMS (depending on customer preferences) with a reminder of the visit ahead of time. The client can then accept or reschedule the meeting simply by clicking the relevant link. During each campaign, it is possible to check open, click-through, and unsubscribe rates.
On top of that, the whole process of sending the message takes no more than just a few minutes.

SMS informing about the scheduled visit (translated from Swedish)

SMS informing about the scheduled visit (translated from Swedish)

Email informing about the scheduled visit (translated form Finnish)

Email informing about the scheduled visit (translated form Finnish)

We also integrated the CRM with an application that allows entering car data, such as mileage or tire pressure.

With this information, Euromaster can predict the time when the tires will need to be replaced and can schedule a visit automatically.

The solution is very cost-effective compared to traditional marketing – this is where Euromaster was able to save 2,500 trees and 160 tons of CO2 emissions per year with Microsoft cloud within the first 2 years of deploying the solution:

  • Over 0.5 million of pre-booking emails, SMS sent and tire service visits
  • Switch from paper to digital communication for a 150,000+ customer base

Results of digital transformation

If your organization still uses some of the traditional marketing techniques such as sending letters, it could certainly benefit from digital transformation the same way as Euromaster did. You can free up your resources to extend your service to new customers and become more eco-friendly at the same time!

Making customers’ lives easier

Nothing improves customer experience more than an online portal. Of course, users have to sign up, but this takes a few minutes at most. Each user can log into the platform through Facebook, which significantly shortens the process of account creation. From that point on, they can start reaping the benefits of digital transformation.

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Euromaster’s customer portal gives users numerous possibilities.

  • Do you want to add vehicles and manage their data easily? Check.
  • Do you want to schedule a visit to a car workshop? Check.
  • Do you want to review the tires you have been storing? Check.

Book your visit and manage vehicle data via the customer portal

These days, responsive design is a must. With that in mind, Predica’s experts developed the portal so that it is also easily accessible on smartphones.

Mobile view of customer portal

Mobile view of customer portal

Well, but not all people are good at using computers, right? We made sure the solution works for them too.
When working on the customer portal, we introduced improvements that allow call center employees to easily assist customers who don’t use it. Now they can access the same booking form as the clients and schedule a visit over the phone. The system recognizes the license plate entered and stores user data in the same way as it does for other portal users.

Booking a visit handled by customer service employee

Customer service employees can handle booking for clients

Taking care of new purchases

*This feature has already been developed and will be available to customers soon.

You go to the grocery store, do your shopping and stand at the checkout. Finally, you are about to pay. The salesperson offers you hand cream at a promotional price. 99 times out of 100 you say no, but this time, you give in.

And this is enough.

Multiply it by thousands of customers and you’ll find that the profit rises significantly.

Why not do the same for your business?

Bythjul is a service allowing you to buy tires online. You go to the website, choose your model, enter your delivery info, and proceed to the checkout. And this is where the magic will happen.

Predica integrated both systems – Euromaster’s and Bythjul’s – to complement purchases. Soon, right before a customer places their order on Bythjul’s site, a small banner from Euromaster will show up offering a seasonal tire change on the fly. Once ordered, tires will be delivered to a Euromaster workshop, and the customer will be notified – they won’t even have to pick up the delivery in person. They will just come to the workshop for their scheduled visit and the tires will be changed.

All that will require almost no effort from the customer. Useful, convenient, and related to what Bythjul has to offer.

Don’t make customers look for a tire service

ALD Automotive is a leasing company that collaborates with Euromaster. To make the process of tire replacement easy and intuitive, Predica’s experts enriched the ALD app with functionalities that allow drivers to review and book new visits with Euromaster.

Everything takes place directly in the ALD app. In case of tire replacement, Euromaster can be sure that ALD clients will choose them before they even start looking for another company.

The solution is also convenient for the end-user. They don’t have to worry about the leasing terms and can manage everything from within the ALD app.

Seamless booking across multiple vendors

Implementation of the CRM allowed Euromaster and its partners to benefit from a powerful, unified scheduling system. It integrates over 650 calendars from three countries, collecting data on customer visits in real time.

Customers can book or change their visit via the customer portal or partner resources – Bythjul site (in the near future) or the ALD app. As they modify their reservation, they can see the dates and times available for a visit. Once they confirm their booking, the information is sent to the CRM and synchronized across partner systems within minutes.

This way customers always have up-to-date information on the available time slots, regardless of the way in which they schedule their visit. On the receiving end of the system, the workshops also get a real-time view of booked visits, so they know which customer is due to arrive and when.

Euromaster’s partners get access to the necessary data via API. Of course, the system includes several security features to protect customer information. We can define which data 3rd parties can view or edit in the first place, depending on what they need to fulfill service requirements. Additionally, there is a feature restricting a collaborator’s view only to information regarding their own customers.

Working together on warehouse management

A big part of Euromaster’s business is trading with other large dealers. Whenever one of them lacks something, Euromaster sends the missing goods to keep the warehouses full.

There was one obstacle that was making stock flow difficult. Euromaster needed a way to efficiently communicate current inventory levels and order amounts.

To overcome this challenge, we introduced Electronic Document Integration (EDI). It allows data exchange via .csv files between suppliers, creating an information standard. It is now possible to maintain quick order processing and efficiently point out warehouse surpluses and shortages.

Keeping customers in control of their data

Adhering to GDPR rules is crucial so that an organization can protect their customer information and stay away from being exposed to unnecessary risks. In addition, customers should be able to change their data and marketing approvals. Our experts introduced these features so they’re available directly in the customer portal.

If you worry that unsubscribing will result in losing clients, think of it this way: someone gets a number of marketing emails, and as they aren’t currently interested in your products, they unsubscribe. After a while, they need to change tires – the demand is back. They enter the customer portal and schedule an appointment. While doing so, they see that the newsletter box is unchecked. As the demand is back, they may subscribe again to receive discounts or offers in the future. Without the consent feature, they wouldn’t have come across that option and would stay unsubscribed.

Review personal information in the customer portal

Review personal information in the customer portal

Remove your data from the portal

Remove your data from the portal

Saving employees from repetitive work

Since the beginning of our cooperation, many things have changed at Euromaster.

It's enough to take a look at achieved milestones to notice that
  • Traditional marketing with the use of letters has been replaced with automated email and SMS campaigns
  • Overloaded call center and unscheduled or no-show workshop visits gave way to efficient service via a digital customer portal
  • Goods surplus was reduced and shortages in warehouses prevented with regular updates on stock levels
  • Revenue was increased thanks to the digital collaboration with 3rd parties

Digital transformation is a broad concept, but if led correctly, it brings direct monetary benefits both to a company and its customers. More importantly, it helps businesses react faster to industry changes and client expectations. Adopting the right technology that answers your needs is the way to keep your operations efficient and cost-effective, so you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Let’s end with these words by another key person at Euromaster who turned the project into reality:

Getting Dynamics 365 and Azure into our IT landscape in a smart way helped us cut meaningless work of our staff. And Predica has been instrumental in this. They proved to be a fast, reliable partner, proactively proposing improvements and using common sense when deploying new technology.

Rickard Wetteholm

Euromaster Business Architect and Project Manager

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