How to check your MIM version? Stay secure and make sure that your software is still supported

There are a few ways to check which MIM version is installed on your system. Here are the instructions.

1. Synchronization Service Manager

In your Synchronization Service Manager, go to ‘Help’, and then click ‘About’.

After you clicked ‘About’, you will see your current MIM version shown on the information panel.

MIM version

2. Service and Portal Manager

Go to the Home tab.
Home tab in Service and Portal Manager

Click on ‘About Microsoft Identity Manager’.

About Microsoft Identity Manager

After clicking ‘About Microsoft Identity Manager’, you will see an information panel with your MIM version displayed.

MIM Version

3. Programs and features

Go to the Start menu and type in ‘Apps & features’.

Apps & Features

Click on ‘Programs and Features’.

Programs and features

Inside ‘Programs and Features’, search for Microsoft Identity Manager Service and Portal and Microsoft Identity Manager Synchronization Service. In the ‘Version’ column you can check your software version. For compatibility reasons, it is crucial that these two programs have the same version.

Before 2016 FIM/MIM was called Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager and it will show up this way in the control panel if you have an older version.

MIM inside programs and features

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