But first, trust – Why is mutual confidence so important? Trust mutual confidence

My father once told me that life is not just about creating tremendous opportunities. More often, it is about seeing what’s coming next and doing things to the utmost of your abilities while staying humble. In this post, I would like to share how openness and trustworthy relationships can lead to building stronger teams and to personal development.

I have always been passionate about new technologies as I’ve spent a couple of years designing and implementing software applications. But I also have a passion for setting teams up for success and taking care of the business side of projects.

Some time went by and I began to lead a team which then grew significantly. Eventually, the balance between hands-on activities and the business/process side of the company started to shift.

Jumping on board

This year, in a totally unexpected turn of events, one of Predica’s founders, Andrzej, initiated a discussion which led to decisions based on an absolute, mutual trust. The process of change was at a crucial turning point.

On this account, Marek was onboarded as our Head of Delivery, and I took on new responsibilities as Head of Consulting services. You can read a bit more about those events in Andrzej’s article.

Quickly enough I felt like at home – the values the company is driven by, along with the quality over quantity approach, allowed me to go through the onboarding process much faster than I had expected.

I thought it should have taken me much longer than just a month (at least 3 or so) to be able to feel the “company pulse”, capture its strengths (and I can tell you, there is a really, really strong team) and discover areas to which we need to give our attention.

Making a difference

After merely 12 weeks, first important changes were introduced – look how quickly we started to rumble as newcomers! I expected it would have been the time for trying to fully understand and learn about the company, not for bringing about changes 😉

I’ve quickly found that our biggest challenge will be to maintain the moderate pace of development (scaling the organization), while ensuring the constant improvement of the quality level.

Since Predica is and always will be a data-driven company, it helped me a lot to get a snapshot of the current business and quality state, which was crucial in the process of the bonus system renewal, conducted in September.

This project was driven by Ula, our Head of HR. I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently we were able to work together on the processes of paramount importance to the company.

Go big!

As we were at the end of the new bonus system deployment, Paweł and Grzegorz (COO and CEO of Predica, respectively) invited me to discuss the next steps. Looking both at the indisputable data supported by Marek’s and my work, and the business challenges looming on the horizon, I was offered a job of General Manager – Europe.

This is Predica’s biggest region of operations, providing services to other parts of the world, so the expectations and trust associated with the proposal are enormous. Both Grzegorz and Paweł admired the way we introduced changes in the company, how the company culture has been strengthened and last but not least – how the business results exceeded our plans in a controlled manner.

All of this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t work closely with Marek and if we didn’t know each other so well.

Challenge accepted

I got inspired and I am still impressed by this way the company operates – we have been here for only 6 months and the maturity of decisions and reacting to business circumstances, rooted in the Make it happen attitude, convinced me that I should take this position.

The company has undergone some significant changes in preparation for this expansion. We already have a strong presence in Europe, but there is still more that we can do to help our current and prospective customers maximize their potential.

We appreciate the confidence our customers have in us. Predica has earned it over the years, using the knowledge and expertise of our people to transform companies with the use of relevant technology. This will continue to be our inspiration as we move forward.

The best people for the job

There are huge opportunities coming, and I’m 100% sure we will rock it with my Consulting team (led by great Digital Advisors: MarekA, PawelBo, Szymon and Łukasz) in which I myself place great trust, and the Delivery team I’m going to embrace, led by Marek!

It is a great comfort to build the company on such a strong foundation: Our business is healthy and we provide top quality services which our customers appreciate. To quote one of our clients:

Thanks to Predica’s managed service we are confident our identity infrastructure is stable, and we can focus on our core business. Specialization is the key here.
- Bhalat HalaiSenior Service Owner for Identity and Security Services, Maersk Line UK Ltd

Ready for take-off!

We are about to open new offices in Europe next year to get closer to our current and future customers. Maintaining The Predica way, so appreciated by our customers and employees, is going to be our number one priority.

I believe it is going to be a fascinating journey. Fasten your seat-belts and let’s cross the boundaries together – physical, technological, and business! It will be fun and hard work for everybody, with a lot of new opportunities for growth to seize.


  1. Trust is the basis for bringing about positive change.
  2. Working with people you trust means the projects are more successful, but it also helps you develop personally.
  3. Predica continues to grow and expand, but sticking to the values that make our customers have confidence in us will always be our priority.

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