Top It Consultant Poland Predica Interviewed As Cloud Expert; Named Top IT Consultant In Poland

Clutch is an independent technology research firm based in the Washington, DC. Their analyst-driven research based on client interviews, market presence, and company experience has placed us as the #1 IT consultancy in Poland and among the top 10 cloud consultants in the world.

Top 10 Cloud Consultants

Top IT outsourcing companies in Poland

The results are based on the curated Leaders Matrices published recently by Clutch. We have ranked at the top of the Top 10 IT Outsourcing Companies in Poland, as well as among the Top Cloud Computing Consultants from around the world. We are happy to be recognized for our tireless efforts to help businesses achieve their goals by using our expertise in Microsoft cloud solution delivery.

Expert advice

Our co-founder and CTO Tomasz Onyszko was recently interviewed by Clutch as an expert in the field of cloud computing, migration and security.

Tomasz discussed what companies should consider when selecting a cloud storage provider and advised on how to protect data when using private, public, or hybrid cloud models:

When a company deploys a new cloud solution, they may immediately begin granting privileges.
While cloud providers may know how to protect their data centers, companies themselves need to focus on how to protect the data and access to those services. This requires an understanding of how encryption works, how and where data is stored, compliances from a load perspective, who has access to it, and who manages that access.
These are the most important factors of managing security on these platforms. Each platform has its own tools and mechanisms for security management.

Cloud services explained

Tomasz also gave insight on the differences between Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service offerings:

When using IaaS, the complexity of buying, hosting, and maintaining their own hardware is removed. Instead of dealing with actual machines, the user requests an amount of computing power and network…
Following this, someone scratched their head and decided to increase the level of abstraction – if we need a SQL server, why do we need to deploy it as a computer? We just need the service.
This is how Platform as a Service works – instead of focusing on the boxes running a task, there is a set of services such as web servers or SQL servers which provide building blocks.

Check out the full interview under this link.

Find out more

You can learn more about our integrated cloud services here and our security consulting services here. To read detailed client reviews, check out our profile on Clutch. And if you wish to speak to one of our experts, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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