Tedee Lock Predica and Gerda proudly launch tedee lock

Predica and Gerda are proud to showcase the result of their 2.5-year collaboration. They recently launched tedee lock, a new smart lock brand offering the smallest, most secure and durable product on the market.

Tedee, a joint venture between Predica and Gerda, debuts with tedee lock, a device which allows users to replace their physical keys with a digital one, easily operated using a smartphone.

A product of collaboration

Launching its first product in the home security space, tedee is a company backed by two proven leaders in their respective industries: Predica – technology provider specializing in cloud applications, IoT, and security, and Gerda – the leading European locks and doors producer.

tedee lock and app

Over 40 years of corporate experience matched with the newest technology in electronics, mechanics, and software, brought to life its first product – tedee lock.

It took us 2.5 years and a lot of human and financial capital to build this product. But it was worth it! Our goal was to build the iPhone among smart locks. Check it for yourself at
- Greg ChuchraPredica & tedee CEO and co-founder

A range of innovative features

Tedee lock is a new smart lock, boasting features unheard of before in this market segment:

  • Small, sleek, modern design allowing physical interaction (pull, lock, unlock)
  • Custom long-lasting rechargeable battery allowing up to 6 months of operation
  • Auto-lock/unlock based on the operator’s proximity
  • Safe, easy key sharing with event diary
  • Gerda door cylinder included for a fully secure door solution.

Product users will no longer have to worry about losing their keys or leaving the door open.

Tedee lock will also allow them to let guests in while they’re away from home with a secure sharing functionality. Leaving keys under the doormat will now be a thing of the past.

tedee lock 3-part set

Tedee lock comes in a 3-element set including lock, cylinder, and bridge for connectivity. It is operated via iOS and Android mobile applications, available for download in the respective stores. The entire set can be purchased online for €399.

This is only the beginning

Tedee has already started production and signed agreements with 3 major distributors in Poland and Germany. 2020 should see the company produce and sell an estimated 9,000 sets.

In 2021 tedee plans to grow its sales at least two-fold and start production of another home security device that is currently in the R&D phase.

tedee app packshot

The launch of this joint venture and branching out into the home security solutions market is a significant step for Predica, which is already enjoying consistent growth in the cloud solutions space.

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