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Being A Digital Advisor At Predica – What's It All About?

Managing delivery of transformational projects around the world requires a wide set of skills, expertise, and a lot of passion for delivering the best customer service and highest quality work. These are all trademarks of our Digital Advisors. They are a dedicated team of people who don’t shy away from a challenge. Today you can find out exactly what they do and how. 

Over a year ago I wrote a post about the most important role at Predica – the Project Owner. Since then we grew significantly. We now have nearly twice as many people, and many new roles.

That article is still relevant today. The Project Owner continues to be the key role behind our tremendous growth and differentiation on the market.  

We grow because our people grow. Some of them eventually outgrew the Project Owner role and were able to take it to the next level. We decided to name that level Digital Advisor. 

In this post I will share the details behind our Digital Advisor role. As a customer, you’ll find out what it means to you in terms of collaboration. If you’re applying for this position or thinking about your career path, this is your opportunity to learn more about it.

Project Owner – recap 

As the name states, the Project Owner’s most important focus is the project. Their goal is to deliver it with quality, within the agreed scope, timeline and budget 

It seems obvious and trivial, but it’s no easy feat. In fact, 30-50% of projects do not meet these criteria (see references here and here).  

Thanks to our Project Owners, their technical expertise, excellent organization skills and their relentless focus on project success, our metrics are way above the industry average. Roughly 90% are delivered within these parameters.

Digital Advisors – what do they do? 

A Digital Advisor has a wider lens: their perspective is that of the customer. In other words, they figure out how Predica can bring the most value to the customer through a set of projects and managed services.  

Their mission is to digitally transform organizations around the world using Microsoft technologies. It’s a role that requires an even broader range of skills: 

  • They still require a technical background, with an ability to manage cross-domain engagements 
  • We also expect them to understand business principles (processes, finance, change management…) 
  • What’s key, they need the ability to influence and lead both employees and customers.

The table below is a good summary of the differences between these roles:

PO and DA comparison

A comparison between the PO and the DA

It’s important to understand how these roles play together. For customer success to happen, both are important.

Running projects that don’t deliver value is pointless – even if they’re done very well. We cannot provide value to our customers without delivering IT projects or services to them.

How does this role matter to the customer? 

If you are our customer, Digital Advisor is your single point of contact for any question or issue you may have that is outside of the scope of projects or services on which you are currently working with us.

The DAs share our knowledge with you and determine if and how we can help with the use of Microsoft technologies.  

There is really no such thing as an odd question or request. This includes questions from compliance, HR and sales, to marketing and strategy.

As you can imagine, we routinely resolve many different business challenges. We are open to share our experience and work out the most efficient plan to reach your goals.

Digital Advisor’s career path 

A Digital Advisor follows a natural career path within our Consulting unit.

When you’ve delivered many different projects or services in different geographies, industries and technologies, you’ll have gathered the necessary experience and knowledge to lead big companies through some game-changing transformations 

This is how you become a true Digital Advisor. You will be able to advise on what works when and what doesn’t, based on yours and the entire company’s experience.

You will be in a position to actually deliver the value with Project Owners and Delivery teams in specific technical domains.  

At Predica we like to walk the walk. Therefore, pure consulting engagements that result only in documentation do not satisfy us – we need to make it happen!  

Below you can see the options for career growth, and the required skills to get there. Becoming a Digital Advisor is just one of the paths you can choose from! 

Career paths at Predica

Career paths at Predica (click to view full size)

A day in the life 

If you are thinking about applying or working towards this role then you must be wondering what does a typical day of a Digital Advisor look like?

Let me break down some of the activities and goals that you will be achieving: 

Digital Advisor’s responsibilities

Digital Advisor’s responsibilities

Always making it happen

Our Digital Advisors and Project Owners boldly pursue our common purpose: to accelerate transition to self-managed organizations (a goal discussed in detail in my previous article).  

We believe we can achieve this through executing projects efficiently, and teaching our clients how to deliver projects efficiently too, using relevant technologies to transform their organizations and the way they work. 

Hopefully, this article gave you a better idea of how this role functions within our organization. If you want to know more, feel free to get in touch. If you are up to the challenge – check out our current opportunities and apply! 

Key takeaways:
  1. The Digital Advisor’s mission is to transform organizations using relevant technology.
  2. They work with Project Owners and project teams to deliver the best value to our customers.
  3. DAs are a single point of contact for customers on the matter of project scope.
  4. As people grow at Predica, they have the opportunity to progress their career to reach this level. If you wish to join us, apply now!