Predica has joined Microsoft Intelligent Security Association New membership

Predica supports Microsoft efforts to strengthen enterprise security through continually upgrading its security services portfolio for Microsoft Azure customers. 

Predica Group, a partner in Azure consulting and development, has announced that it has joined Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). 

Through this membership, Predica joins an ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed security service providers that have integrated with cloud native Microsoft security to better fight against an ever-increasing number of cybersecurity threats.  

Predica was nominated to MISA because of its valuable Managed Security Operations Center service

It integrates the latest cloud technologies, such as Microsoft Sentinel, and fully certified experts divided into 4 teams (DevSecOps, cyberdefense, penetration testing, transforming security processes) to provide an exceptional level of protection to its customers. 

Managed SOC by Predica brings 24x7x365 protection, automated response and wide coverage, from detection to recovery. 

Our Managed SOC service is powered by AI and ML immersed, cloud-native Microsoft Sentinel. We utilize its advanced SIEM analytic capabilities, as well as response automation function of SOAR.

Joining Microsoft Intelligent Security Association takes our relationship with Microsoft to the next level, enabling us to integrate more deeply with their security solutions.

This means that now we can offer even better services to our customers, while helping them to protect their environments.” says Maciej Wierzbicki, Cybersecurity Operations Lead at Predica. 

All MISA members are highly qualified cybersecurity specialists, who share the objective of improving customer security monitoring, threat hunting and alert responding.

Membership is nominated by a validated Microsoft representative Maria Thomson, Microsoft Intelligent Security Association Lead.

She emphasized that “Members of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association integrate their security solutions with Microsoft’s to gain more signal, increase visibility and better protect against threats. By extending Microsoft’s security capabilities across the ecosystem, we help our customers and partners to succeed. 

About Predica 

Predica is a multinational organization specializing in Azure cloud consulting and development services.

With extensive Microsoft cloud expertise, evidenced by 15 Gold Competencies2021 Azure Partner of the Year award, and 7 Azure Advanced Specializations, the company delivers advanced capabilities to its clients in the areas of cloud security, cloud applications, data analytics, and more. 

Predica has been operating since 2009, and now has offices in 5 countries and over 350 certified IT experts, including 5 Microsoft MVPs.

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