Omada Microsoft Alliance Announced Omada Enables Advanced Governance Control In Microsoft Azure

Our partner Omada, a market-leading provider of solutions for advanced identity management and access governance, has today announced an exciting new strategic alliance with Microsoft.

Here are few words of introduction from our CTO, Tomasz Onyszko:

One of the biggest fears when it comes to cloud deployments, but also for on-premises applications, is security.

Fear comes from the unknown. And with fear comes uncertainty.

There is only one thing that can fight fear and uncertainty. Get to know it and manage it – how it translates to IT systems and cloud computing.

A growing number of applications and systems in a cloud raises concerns and fear related to application security and information leakage. Permissions once granted to Azure resources might not be revoked. Roles assigned will stay forever. Bring guest accounts into the mix and – you get the picture.

It gets really difficult.

Omada access request panel

How to manage it?

With proper process for identity and access governance you can capture state of permissions, put them into attestation process and bring into a managed state.

You are thus entering the Compliant Cloud realm. There, you need to manage the fear about security through processes and tools.

With that we are glad to see Microsoft and Omada joining forces together to bring tools for Compliant Cloud to Azure AD and Azure platform.

Using Omada tools you can get into control of your application access and Azure resources permissions.

How do we know it? Because we are working as partner with Microsoft and Omada. And there is one thing you should know about Predica. If we do something, we first use it ourselves.

If you want to bring identity and access governance process to your organization and bring your cloud to the compliant state, then Azure and Omada is the perfect match!

Omada compliance workbench

Omada Compliance Workbench

About Omada’s identity governance platform

Below are a few details about today’s announcement from Omada and Microsoft.

Alex Simons, Director, Product Management, Microsoft Identity Division at Microsoft Corp. says of the alliance between Omada and Microsoft, “Our expanded integration with Omada is an important step in our journey to cover all dimensions of identity-driven security. Omada’s platform is built on Microsoft technology and is the perfect fit for Azure Active Directory Premium. The two solutions combined give customers a future-proof, and easy-to-use, identity management and access governance solution across on-premise and cloud.”

The basis of the solution announced today is seamless integration of Omada’s identity governance platform with Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium.

The platform offers comprehensive governance features, which allow modern enterprises to ensure security, compliance and efficiency.

With a 360-degree view of all access rights for all users, enterprises have the full overview and control of employees, contractors, partners, and their access, across hybrid environments, both on-premise and in the cloud.

Omada’s solution provides features such as user-friendly self-service access request portal, automation of access certification, and automation of the access review processes together with automated audit and compliance reporting.

Azure AD Admin Console

Azure Active Directory Admin Console (Source)

Increasing compliance and saving resources

The Omada Identity Platform is acknowledged for its strong identity governance capabilities by customers, partners, and leading analysts.

When combined with the secure access and risk-based identity protection of Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium, the solution enables customers to focus on their business. It fully covers some of their most demanding security, compliance, and efficiency needs.

The platform was fully built on Microsoft technologies. This means that customers can use their already existing Microsoft expertise in the organization.

Need more information?

If you use Azure AD in your organization and would like to know more, get in touch! We can advise you further on Omada and their unique solution.

Read the full story on Omada and Microsoft alliance here. You can also download Omada’s solution brochure to learn more.

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