Millennials Generation Z Bridging The Generation Gap, The Predica Way

It is no secret that millennials are changing the workplace. But what you might have noticed is that they are no longer the newest kids on the block. Right behind them a new cohort is approaching, called the Generation Z.

According to this Forbes article, these two generations are permanently changing the working practices. But they are not the only employees out there – so what does this change mean in practice? Is a generation clash inevitable?

Always one step ahead

As per the new report, IT and technology are the most attractive markets for young people to work in nowadays. Having grown up around the latest developments they are accustomed to them and value being able to use them in a professional setting.

One of our core values is to be one step ahead, and so in delivering Microsoft IT solutions, we are at the forefront of the new technologies.

What does it mean in practice?

We are constantly evaluating how we can incorporate different resources into our work and testing their possibilities. This includes virtual reality, where we are developing a new team management solution for MS HoloLens. All new gadgets are also thoroughly reviewed before they are even on the market! Still, we enjoy a good board game every now and then.

Additionally, our education budget for every employee means that everyone keeps their qualifications and knowledge up to date in this ever-changing field. This ongoing investment in our people is not just useful, but essential for success – and going by their achievements, they agree!

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Follow the leader, be the leader

Good leadership is key to any company’s success. For the new generations of workers, it is no longer enough to be the proverbial number. They need to feel valued and know that what they do matters. A lot of them aspire to be leaders themselves.

So much can be achieved with this energy, and so it is no surprise that Millennials and Gen Z-ers have a need to work closely with their more experienced colleagues. Being able to communicate the company goals and direct their efforts brings out the best in their skills.

With that being said, hierarchies are deeply ingrained in the ways many companies are being run, and after all, someone needs to steer their vision.

So, what is the fix?

We try to maintain the best of both worlds – on the one hand, we have a strong leadership team that gives the company direction and sets up the values we operate by. But on the other hand, we also believe in a flat structure – and so everyone is equally approachable.

We can challenge each other and ask for advice, and this goes for everyone – so we can all learn from one another and take part in shaping what we do. And for those who wish to focus on advancing their career – there are clear paths to do so.

Let’s talk!

What we also know to be key for Millennials and Gen Z-ers is communication. Being able to work collaboratively and in constant contact with their colleagues and supervisors is very important to ensure they work effectively.

The report by Randstad and Future Workplace quoted in Forbes points out that the outperforming companies foster collaborative environments and communication. It is a trend that cannot to be ignored.

How do we make it happen?

We are actively adopting this practice here, and there are rarely occasions where people are left to their own devices. We encourage gathering different points of view and working out the best solutions through teamwork. More experienced employees also get their chance to shine here, as they can become mentors to new team members who join the company all the time.

Our mentoring program is one of the key elements of our onboarding process, as we want to ensure that everyone gets the best start possible. This gives everyone a chance to learn.

Still, whether or not you become a mentor does not depend on age but experience, so if you do well, you can become one, too!

Let’s talk more!

An interesting trend is the decreased need for annual reviews. In fact, most younger employees don’t care much for yearly reviews, in favor of more instant feedback.

We try to keep the middle ground here, as some projects take time to evaluate. This is why we use apps such as 7Geese and Grandler for more instant recognition of success. Everyone can rate the skills of another colleague, which means we can show appreciation of each other’s work.

However, we still conduct quarterly reviews, so that we can have a more wholesome overview of the situation, evaluate performance over a longer time and plan ahead.

It’s all up to you

When it comes to job perks, workplace flexibility now wins over such benefits as healthcare and training and development. We want our employees to be able to do their work in comfort, and so we offer all of these benefits (and more) to those who join Predica.

Some of our employees work from home, some from other locations and some from the office. The working hours are also flexible, so we’re not all about the usual 9-5.

This means that everyone is in charge of their own work-life balance. And with benefits such as healthcare packages and access to sports facilities, it’s easier for everyone to look after themselves, too.

What’s now, what’s next

The article makes a reference to the instantaneous culture of the young people today. They look more for rewarding experiences in the short term rather than planning for the future. At Predica, we provide opportunities for both.

Our employees get to work on interesting projects, travel to other countries and learn all about the latest technologies. That way, there’s a lot of fun to be had in between all the work.

Plus, with the aforementioned mentoring program, education budget and clear progress opportunities for every department, there is potential for everyone to advance their career and achieve even more. With a bit of effort, everyone can succeed, both on a day-to-day basis and in the long term.

Team spirit

At Predica we have a lot of different people, coming from different backgrounds and having different expectations. We put a lot of effort into accommodating those varying factors into our company culture, so that everyone can thrive.

Is it an adjustment? It can be. But is it impossible? Absolutely not. We know what we’re about, we strive to achieve, and we all commit to the common goal. It doesn’t matter which generation you represent – if you identify with our values, we will make you feel welcome.

If you’d like to join us, check out our current vacancies!

Key takeaways
  1. If you like new technologies, you’ll certainly find them here ?
  2. Our flat structure means that everyone can get the necessary guidance from the more experienced colleagues
  3. Communication is key at Predica, so we don’t work in isolation and use a number of tools to share thoughts and feedback
  4. Your work-life balance is up to you!
  5. With so many projects and daily challenges, you have the opportunity to learn all the time and gather a lot of interesting experiences
  6. If you’d like to join our team, just get in touch!

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