DevOps just another IT tool There is a Better Way to Develop IT Products!

Many companies struggle with ineffective collaboration and valuable time wasted on handling simple management processes. Fortunately, a successful DevOps adoption can do away with such tiresome experiences for good.

It doesn’t just help businesses automate workflows and enjoy better communication between project teams, but also allows them to react quickly to the constant market changes and build a unique company culture. DevOps is very helpful in cloud computing, where speed and agility are essential for a company to stay relevant.

When business needs are carefully defined, DevOps brings tangible results in no time. Before you find out where you stand, let’s understand the basics first.

Is DevOps just another IT tool?

In order to capture the whole essence of DevOps, you will need a more exhaustive definition.

The term refers to a combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools. Companies who adopt this combination foster a standardized approach to delivering IT solutions and services smoothly.

You may also define it as a set of agreed practices which help your organization achieve the planned results as quickly as possible. See more in our infographic below (click the image to view full-size).

key facts about devops in cloud computing: infographic

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How to check if your organization is ready for a change?

Before you implement DevOps, it is good to define the strengths and areas of improvement of your business. You can find out how well you’re doing with our specially designed questionnaire. At the end, we will give you personalized advice depending on your results.

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Once you have finished your self-assessment, you can count on our support with your DevOps journey. For a swift adoption, we encourage you to consider our tailor-made program.

How to ensure the best results?

Practice is key. Microsoft Azure DevOps is a specially designed tool which manages and supports the implementation. The most common features of this service are Azure Boards, Azure Repos and Azure Pipelines.

Where to start?

We know from our own experience how much an organization can benefit from a standardized approach. To achieve that, a series of best practices should be introduced, including:

  • Creating a Product Backlog to keep all requirements and features for any given solution in one place
  • Using Azure DevOps when reporting work progress on assigned tasks
  • Organizing Status Meetings in Microsoft Teams to update others on projects in progress
  • Accessing Project Health Data to verify build statuses and see if there are any bugs.

Further reading

This short article aimed to show you in a nutshell the basics of DevOps and the usefulness for cloud computing. On our blog, we have a number of more detailed articles on its adoption and benefits.

Hopefully, you are now more familiar with DevOps features and willing to introduce the best practices in your organization. Once you start, you should see the first desired results soon.

And, as always – feel free to contact us if you need some advice or support!

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