Cloud Governance Introducing Cloud Governance – In A Practical Video Series!

“Let’s move to the cloud! Let’s digitize everything!”, they said. And not long after, you’re pulling your hair out because suddenly, things don’t exactly go to plan.

Why repeat someone else’s mistakes if there are ready-made solutions for managing your cloud?

Why do you need to plan your cloud strategy?

Let’s imagine that you moved your organization to the cloud. Everything looks great and nothing is worrying you.

But then one day, everything changes.

Maybe you get the first bill for resources that someone forgot to de-allocate.

Or there is an invoice for a test machine set up to test some heavy workload and left up and running for weeks.

And then your CFO demands explanations on why your organization is spending money on the cloud when these things keep happening.

Is there a way out?

The basics of cloud governance

The good news is, you can solve all these problems. The key is to understand how the cloud and its services work and how to use them to your advantage.

With cloud governance, your organization can monitor and manage your cloud resources in an effective way. It’s important for several important reasons.

Security & risk management

This involves making sure that your data and infrastructure are safe and that threats are effectively mitigated. For this purpose, comprehensive security controls are applied to cloud resources.

Regulatory compliance

Cloud governance also helps your organization define clear policies so that the existing and future resources are compliant with security and regulatory requirements, both internal and external.

Cost management

Azure governance helps to control your spending and allows maximum cost-effectiveness. So, once you know how to manage the cloud, you won’t be surprised by unexpected bills.

What does cloud governance look like in practice?

We’ll be honest – managing the cloud is not all plain sailing. But to make the task more approachable and easier to understand, our expert Kamil Więcek prepared a series of tutorials that explain the key concepts and show you step-by-step how to get started with managing your cloud.

These videos are the perfect introduction to cloud governance. From these practical guides, you will learn how to:

  • organize resources
  • maintain logs and policies
  • ensure resource consistency
  • secure resources with RBAC and identity management
  • manage cloud costs

and more.

Check out our free guide to cloud governance

Watch our teaser trailer below:

The series features 5 episodes, each covering the following topics and more:
Episode 1. Organizing Azure resources

  • How to organize subscriptions?
  • What are Management Groups?
  • Management Groups – best practices
  • Management Group hierarchy

Episode 2. Maintaining Azure logs and policies

  • Why should you collect platform logs?
  • Available logs in Azure
  • How does Azure Policy work?
  • Azure Policy vs RBAC

Episode 3. Ensuring resource consistency

  • The Infrastructure as Code concept
  • How to automate deployments with ARM Templates?
  • How to use Resource Locks?
  • What are Azure Blueprints?

Episode 4. Securing resources with RBAC and identity management

  • Managing permissions in Azure
  • The differences between Active Directory and Azure AD
  • How to control user access?
  • How to add an approval step to a change process?

Episode 5. Managing cloud costs

  • How to monitor and analyze costs?
  • How to allocate and execute budgets?
  • What to do when we exceed our budget?
  • Reducing cloud usage costs

You can visit this page for more information. And to get you started, here is the first video!

Need additional support?

If you still have concerns about adopting the cloud in your organization or have no idea where to start, you can count on our support.

We can help you design a customized strategy for your organization and show you how to manage the cloud from A to Z.

We also organize Cloud Governance Workshops. For two weeks, our experts can explain in detail how to adopt, develop and look after your cloud.

And if you have any more questions, we are always here to answer your call.

Good luck with your cloud governance journey!

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