Business Crack Up Medication Don’t Let Your Business Crack Up – Have Some Medication!

While writing this introduction, I assume you dear reader may be a top figure starting with a C  (like CEO, COO or any other one) responsible for leading a business unit. So you are the captain of the ship called “my business.” Then let me ask you a question do you feel like every single day is a new battle for success?

And do you ask yourself every 7.37 AM sipping the first quick coffee, “what I can do better today to achieve it”? Good, you’re at the right starting point, so keep reading…

Now, what if I said 50% of the newly established companies collapse in five years’ time, while managers ask themselves the same question, but nothing happens? Better yet, what if I showed you the exact pattern on how to make use of those questions to get your business on the right track?

To give you a glimpse of this I’ll look back six years to the moment when together with my colleagues we decided to kick off our own business adventure.

Let’s face it. Leading Predica an IT company – is quite a heavy piece of bread…

“Nothing new,” you say?

I believe, the genuine management is much more than just smoothly delegating tasks to accelerate the whole process of growth. It’s all about solving everyday problems, drawing conclusions from the mistakes, embracing the company values and building up your team around them.

That’s still quite a bumpy ride for us full of unexpected turns and risks to take. The greatest one is the risk of uncertainty – even though you rely on your extensive experience, you cannot be sure you’re going the right way. This is, however, the fun part, isn’t it? But at the same time, that’s a reason why many people will not take up the gauntlet.

Well, we are still here! Our sales are growing every year by avg. 40% (min 25%, max 65%). Headcount’s growing by 30% Y/Y. Net income per employee is increasing. We made it.

I’m not saying I have a ready-to-use receipt for you to follow. I’d like to share our story to help you avoid the obstacles we had at different levels of growth. Or if they have already appeared in your company, time to face them with head held high. These few thoughts I’ll be throwing on this blog are exactly what I (putting myself in your shoes) would like to have read five, three or even one year ago, as a growing manager.

To Google or not to Google?

This series of articles will be covering the issues you may not even be aware of, but this is indeed the greatest value! No worries – I’ll also guide you through the execution. What this blog is not about, is providing you with the details of some fundamental concepts you may as well find on Google in seconds (I’ll be only referring to them sometimes).

Here you will learn how to ask yourself the right questions. I will give you quick and straightforward suggestions on what we have done to resolve some burning issues and how you can step-by-step repeat our actions to make your business genuinely grow.

Let me use some medical terminology here (I cannot resist my side interest in biochemistry!) – together we’ll go through a list of common symptoms of business diseases like:

  • high turnover
  • low employee engagement
  • inconsistent business performance

and much more. We’ll name the problem. And then – take the action to recover. Note that plenty of the business cases here will be the real-time ones at Predica, so you’ll get first-hand insights on potential problems and winning points.

So, are you ready? Let’s begin the journey then and jump to the first part of the series! There you’ll learn what you might be missing when trying to engage your employees with your story.

Key takeaways

Running a business is not easy. On this blog, we will post valuable advice based on our own challenges. Follow our posts to get valuable insights and find out how to solve the most common problems!

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