Feeling like Tony Stark: How we’re using augmented reality to improve the modern workplace Augmented reality modern workplace

Digital transformation is the buzzword du jour. These days, if you’re not technologically one step ahead, you are already behind. Therefore, it is worth exploring how new developments can help you improve your business operations and make sure you stay not just current in the changing landscape, but profitable, too.

  • Can AR (Augmented Reality) be used in a business context?
  • What are we using it for?
  • How does the application work?
  • Could it help your business?

As reported by IDC research, 59% of companies remain at the stage of “digital impasse”, not fully ready for digital transformation. Meanwhile, by 2020, 75% of enterprise valuations will be based on their data and the use of platforms.

This trend shows that it is ever more important for companies to embrace digital and implement it into their daily operations. At Predica, this is exactly what we help them to do.

Helping businesses achieve their objectives

Our expertise in Microsoft technologies (including our 10 Gold competencies) allows us to recommend the most relevant products to our clients. Our zest for challenging the status quo has us determined to always strive for nothing short of perfection when it comes to implementing these solutions.

One of the directions in which we are developing our technology includes Augmented Reality (AR). We have a strong team focused on the app and mobile development that was ready for just such a project. With the release of Microsoft HoloLens, we saw a great opportunity to use it in a business context.

Holo.KPI Demo

Initial demonstration of the application

Our first idea was to use it for team management and help supervisors to get away from their desks and computer screens, and encourage them to go out to their teams and interact with them directly – without losing sight of their tasks and responsibilities. The goal was to enable a truly mobile management style. The manager can process data without being glued to the screen, but rather seeing it in front of them as they talk to their team.

Developing the vision

Consequently, over the course of the past year, our dedicated HoloLens task force (including Konrad Sikorski, Daniel Krzyczkowski, Kacper Maciejewski, and Maciej Małaszek) worked on developing a dedicated solution for managers that would help them utilize their teams’ time more effectively.

We believe that boundaries created between reality and digital worlds can be broken. Our augmented reality (AR) project is the first serious attempt to introduce a more natural way to interact with the digital world than a flat PC screen. The solution we’ve built – called Holo.KPI – is based on the aforementioned Microsoft HoloLens and uses holograms to visualize contextually.

Holo.KPI Agent status view

Agent’s status overview

Our software is the first solution on the market that allows for a visualization of KPIs in a form of 3D images. It is an augmented reality app that displays information about selected employees through holograms, including charts, lists, and bubble graphs.

Supporting the support teams

Holo.KPI has native integration with Freshdesk and Zendesk systems. We have selected them because they are the most frequently used SaaS solutions for IT support ticketing. In fact, each of the systems has around 100,000 companies signed up for its services. All of these companies will then have multiple users, sending massive volumes of data every day.

Holo.KPI Agent task view

Agent’s task overview

At Predica, we recognize that 1st line support may not always be the most efficient when it comes to resolving incident tickets. A large number of users, creating multiple tickets at any one time, means that support staff is often overloaded with tasks that are difficult to manage and prioritize. Therefore, there is a need for an efficient way of managing these workflows in order to minimize the occurrence of backlogs.

We have addressed this need by tailoring Holo.KPI is to use by team leaders who, instead of looking at reports on their screens, can interact with their team members directly and have a real-time view of their workloads simultaneously.

Holo.KPI Task reassignment view

Task reassignment view

Application features

The basis of the solution is facial recognition. Holo.KPI recognizes each employee based on an image uploaded to a central repository. It then displays information relating to that employee, e.g. the number of open tickets in Freshdesk or Zendesk. The system allows the manager to reassign tasks to another user.

Holo.KPI communicates with Zendesk and Freshdesk systems in a client-server model. Information on open tickets and their status is collected through a REST WebAPI using HTTPS protocol. It sends information on open tickets per agent and allows the user to reassign them as required.

Augmented reality diagram view

Augmented reality diagram view

Because the app allows for both drilling up and down the data, the team leader can view all current open tickets and assign them at individual ticket level. Finally, they can save each data view and send it by email. The user can interact with the app through voice, gaze or gestures. Due to the combined nature of interaction, Holo.KPI can also support users with visual impairments or restricted mobility.

A working demonstration

With the help of our team we have prepared a demonstration video where you can see how Holo.KPI works in practice. Have a look below to find out more about its functionalities and potential uses:

The video features a real demonstration of the app and shows how it can be used within an office environment. What is important, because Holo.KPI uses AR (Augmented Reality) technology, it means that user is still aware of their surroundings, as the holograms are superimposed over what they see. This means it will not restrict their movement or impair the awareness of their surroundings significantly, making it the perfect solution to use on the move.

Moving forward

Development doesn’t stop here and we will continue to work on the application to enhance it with new features. It is also possible to integrate it with other services. However, native support for Freshdesk and Zendesk means that it is an out-of-the-box solution for teams working with those solutions.

At Predica, we are passionate about helping businesses reach their potential. We believe that technology can facilitate a more personalized approach to team management and Holo.KPI is a step in that direction.

If you wish to know more about how the app works or what it can do for your business, just contact us and we will be happy to provide further details!


  1. Augmented Reality (AR) can transform the way you work
  2. Our Holo.KPI solution is a dedicated product for support team managers
  3. Thanks to native Freshdesk and Zendesk support and real-time synchronization, you can manage your team’s workload easily

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