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6 ways organizations can support employee mental health and well-being

Keeping people engaged and satisfied with their work helps organizations build a sense of belonging and create a welcomi...

Aleksandra Tokarzewska-Staniak
Company Culture: How to achieve better results and build trust within your team

Although seemingly unrelated, accountability plays a huge part in the success not only of a single project but also ...

How does remote onboarding work in practice? A step-by-step guide

Remote onboarding used to be something out of the ordinary. After all, how can you start a job in a new company without ...

Zuzanna Szewczyk
How to go on Workation and not regret it? Tried-and-tested ways for a successful trip

It’s a hot Tuesday in July, the weather’s nice, and I’ll soon finish my work for today. I’m just about to close ...

Michał Walczak
How to travel and work from anywhere you want? – a practical guide to Workation

Not long ago, remote work was one of the most sought-after perks. Specialists living far away from the company’s HQ fo...

Kinga Zygmunczyk
What is the single most important role at Predica?

It’s not the CEO or anyone from the Board either. Try as you might, you will not find this position in our organizatio...

What does it mean to be a Digital Advisor?

Managing the delivery of transformational projects worldwide requires expertise, technical skills, and a lot of passio...

Wieslaw Szydlo
Predica and SoftwareONE – a new chapter!

It's been almost three months since Predica joined SoftwareONE. Normally, companies rush to announce such news on their ...

2021 summary: What happened in Predica world?

Here we are - another year has gone by. What happened in the "Predica world"? A lot, that's for sure! 2021 brought us ...

How much does a typical cloud project cost?

If you're thinking about doing something new in the cloud, there is a good chance you’re wondering how much it is goin...

A Complete Guide to Organizational Structure of Predica

Predica started back in 2009, and since then a lot has changed in terms of how we operate, deliver, and achieve our goal...

Rethinking the cloud adoption strategy

It is clear nowadays that IT is the backbone of every business. As Satya Nadella stated in 2019 – "Every company is ...

4 productivity tools that I can’t do without

It is not a fairy tale. Revenue must come from somewhere. For us, it’s mainly 4 channels. Returning customers Existi...

Konrad Szczudlinski
How to deliver more value when selling?

It is not a fairy tale. Revenue must come from somewhere. For us, it’s mainly 4 channels. Returning customers Existi...

How to gain email subscribers and boost their engagement?

At Predica, we don't just do IT. We try and learn new things too. For example, in marketing, we always look for bett...

How to Bring People Back to the Office Following a Lockdown?

A few weeks ago, the whole world came to a halt. Everyone suddenly had to change their ways and adapt, and we were no ex...

Aleksandra Tokarzewska-Staniak
5 unusual tips on how to become a better leader

3. Support motivation and aspirations with guidance and inspiration Motivation and aspirations are the internal drives ...

How to become remote-first in 48 hours? Here’s how we did it

Within a few hours, we prepared a live event for all our employees (250+) with a Q&A session – again on #MSTeams. ...

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