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How to change your career within the same IT organization?

Let me say it loud and clear, the IT world is not only for programmers. The job title ‘IT specialist’ may mean thous...

Justyna Cichoń
How does remote onboarding work in practice? A step-by-step guide

Remote onboarding used to be something out of the ordinary. After all, how can you start a job in a new company without ...

Zuzanna Szewczyk
How to implement feature flags and filters in .NET apps? A step-by-step guide

Along with improved DevOps expertise comes a better performance of delivery teams. And when many deployments take pl...

Kacper Drejer
How to go on Workation and not regret it? Tried-and-tested ways for a successful trip

It’s a hot Tuesday in July, the weather’s nice, and I’ll soon finish my work for today. I’m just about to cl...

Michał Walczak
How to optimize your cloud spending with Azure Well-Architected Framework?

As I promised you last time, here is a short guide on how to start spending smarter (notice that it's not "spending less...

How to nail the Discovery Phase of your project?

It is a very exciting moment for each team member when the project they are to work on has a well-defined scope and is...

Adrian Tarnowski
How to travel and work from anywhere you want? – a practical guide to Workation

Not long ago, remote work was one of the most sought-after perks. Specialists living far away from the company’s HQ ...

Kinga Zygmunczyk
How to use Identity Troubleshooter for diagnosing the problems?

Your ticket time resolution is taking too long, new issues are coming, but you are tied by a pile of incidents that ar...

Jakub Niedzielski
What are feature flags, and how to use them?

Now more than ever before, we expect IT systems to be improved in nearly real-time. At the same time, their owners wan...

Kacper Drejer
How to use containers for Azure DevOps automation?

The power of container portability makes them an attractive option when building and architecting cloud solutions. ...

Using the cloud to unlock the power of data: automation and analytics for life sciences companies

For life-sciences companies, the pressure to realize the full potential of enterprise data is just as intense as the p...

Brett Keown
Why you won’t save money on your cloud

Around 3 in 4 organizations spend upwards of $1M on their cloud infrastructure every year. And $1M is just the beginni...

What is the single most important role at Predica?

It’s not the CEO or anyone from the Board either. Try as you might, you will not find this position in our organizatio...

What does it mean to be a Digital Advisor?

Managing the delivery of transformational projects worldwide requires expertise, technical skills, and a lot of passio...

Wieslaw Szydlo
Verifiable Credentials – examples of business and personal usage

Most people are still used to carrying around their wallets full of cards everywhere they go. However, not all of the ca...

Karol Krystkowiak
Predica and SoftwareONE – a new chapter!

It's been almost three months since Predica joined SoftwareONE. Normally, companies rush to announce such news on their ...

10 principles to make your app more usable

„Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works.”  Steve Jobs   In...

Kinga Dobrowolska
Synchronous vs. asynchronous communication (in the cloud and beyond)

When it comes to cloud services (or any IT services for that matter), there tends to be a lot of contradicting opinion...

Adrian Tarnowski
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