Operating in the pandemic Acting with care, being one step ahead and making it happen

During this turbulent and fast-moving weeks, Predica continues to deliver value to our Clients, undisturbedly. We have implemented all officially required steps (and beyond) to prevent infections of SARS-CoV-2.

We adapted quickly and smoothly. Throughout the last 10 years, our tech expertise allowed us to develop a truly modern, agile workplace. We designed our processes and policies to support the reliable delivery of projects and services in rapidly changing environments. We have the right tools in place and our people already have been using them on a daily basis. We do the remote and flexible teamwork globally.

Like all the other organizations in the industry, we have never operated in a pandemic.

But we are confident that this extraordinary situation will not have a noticeable negative impact on our performance and the value we bring to our Clients.
This confidence is grounded in the way we shaped the company and measures we took to respond to the current developments:

Established work delivery process

During 10 years of successfully delivering projects in over 20 countries, we have created rules for delivering projects predictably with little risk, adjusting respectively to the current environment. They are all-time accessible for the team and adopted. They cover all the stages of the project from Envisioning and Plan to Managed Service. Four different roles with a clear split of responsibilities but overlapping capabilities are engaged in the successful delivery: Project Owner, Engagement Manager, Account Owner and Domain Lead.

Data-driven, self-managed approach

We have built our working environment on the principle of a self-managed approach. We give our people transparent rules and tools that enable them to act autonomously with respect to our policies. They make the right decisions based on data. No matter if that refers to forecasting project resources (e.g. 10000ft, Grandler), delivering work (DevOps), monitoring project health (Power BI) or any other activity. This is a substance for a truly remote workplace.

Remote first organization

We adopted remote first to Predica few years ago, enabling our people to work from any location in the world, in flexible hours with virtually no limitations. That required not only a decision but also tools, processes and skills that supported efficient and secure remote collaboration and delivery. Cloud-based architecture (Azure), accessible resources, digital workflows (incl. internal services based on Freshdesk), well-adopted communication tools (Microsoft Teams) and rules, development of leadership skills for managing remote teams – to name the most critical.

Our culture

Our core values are “Make it happen”, “Be one step ahead”, “Be challenger” and “Act with care”. We walk our talk. We never compromise on our guiding principles. We always looked for culture fit when recruiting people and boosted it since the first day of their onboarding to Predica. Our performance review process (fully operational in remote) strengthens the way of doing things, recognized by our Clients (92% of Clients recommending us, 60% Clients do more than 1 project with us). In practice, it means that in times of disturbance, we have the same spirit and will to act the Predica Way.

Our people

We have 240+ highly engaged people onboard, delivering work from Europe, MEA and the US. Since the very beginning of Predica, we were guided by the philosophy that it is better to have a motivated team when encountering the problem than to motivate people to teamwork once the problem is already there. We were investing our time, money and effort to develop the quality of leadership and create a working environment enabling people to achieve results in the atmosphere of trust and respect. Our employee NPS (eNPS) score – rates from 63 up to 75 received repeatedly during the last 3 years, far above benchmark – make us proud and positive about the team readiness for the current and upcoming challenges.

Strong through diversification

Predica is an organization with a physical presence (local teams and offices) in Europe, MEA and the US. Our business is diversified in all aspects: customer base, service offerings and industries served. We deliver work for companies around the globe. Our Client portfolio is balanced across multiple different industries. Our project portfolio consists of work done in three different technology domains. Being a data-driven company and having a health-check process in place – we are prepared for the time of turbulence.

The stable environment of reliable partnerships

During the years we have established a network of trusted business partnerships. A track record of successful collaboration and open communication makes us look into the next months with confidence.

Risk monitoring and contingency plans

Securing risks for our business – from compliance and security to economic and operational – was part of the way we run Predica from day one. The current situation raised the significance and increased frequency of updates.

How we operate in SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

The SARS-CoV-2 outbreak put people at risk. We responded immediately, acting with care and thinking one step ahead.

As a result

  • we continue to monitor the development of guidelines provided by WHO and local government regarding the global pandemic (COVID-19) to our employees and Clients every day,
  • all work delivered by Predica to the Clients is remote (no visits to clients on-premises),
  • all business travels are canceled and we do not travel at all,
  • all of our global offices are closed and we continue working remotely,
  • all communication, events and meeting – both internal and external – is now online,
  • our support teams and processes are adapted to the fully remote environment (incl. recruitment and onboarding).

As soon as we realized how the rapidly changing situation was threatening the safety of our employees and their families in Europe, MEA and the US, along with our partners and clients worldwide, we took serious measures already in February:

  • put in place constant monitoring of WHO and local authorities guidance, promote them within the team and followed,
  • advised our people to stay home and – on March 12th – closed all our global offices (at that moment most of the team worked from home already) and continue working 100% remotely
  • introduced (late February) 14 days quarantine for travelers returning from countries reported by WHO,
  • limited non-critical flights and soon canceled and banned all business travels.

See the article of our board member Andrzej Lipka how we made that decision and how we went 100% remotely in 48 hours.

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